Toyota Hyryder CNG officially confirmed: Bookings now open

Toyota Kirloskar Motors Limited (TKML) will soon launch its first CNG powered SUV in the Indian market in the form of the Hyryder CNG. Bookings for the Hyryder CNG are open at all Toyota dealerships across the country, and the official price announcement is just around the corner. Expect to pay a premium of about Rs. 30,000-40,000 for the CNG trims of the Hyryder. Deliveries are likely to begin from later this year. The Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara – a badge engineered version of the Toyota Hyryder – will also get a CNG option shortly.

Toyota Hyryder CNG officially confirmed: Bookings now open

Tried-and-tested K15C engine to go CNG

The Toyota Hyryder will get a CNG-Petrol dual fuel option with the 1.5 liter naturally aspirated K15C petrol engine. The engine – borrowed from Maruti Suzuki – makes 102 Bhp-137 Nm while running on petrol, and gets 5 speed manual and 6 speed torque converter automatic options. The engine offers twin injectors (DualJet) on each cylinder and also comes with variable valve timing (Dual VVT) for both the intake and exhaust valves. Toyota is likely to offer both gearbox options on the CNG powered variants of the Hyryder.

However, the engine will make lesser power and torque – 87 Bhp and 121 Nm – while running on CNG. This is typical of petrol engines tuned to run on CNG. The CNG tank will be placed in the boot of the Hyryder, resulting in the boot capacity reducing. The dual-fuel option on the factory-fitted CNG kit means that the Hyryder will retain its ability to do long distances as the driver will easily be able to switch to petrol power in places where the availability of CNG re-fueling stations is low.

The Toyota Hyryder is also available with two other engine options – a 1.5 liter K15C naturally aspirated petrol mild hybrid and a 1.5 liter TNGA petrol strong hybrid. The former gets an all wheel drive option with the 5 speed manual gearbox on the top-end trim. The strong hybrid engine gets the ability to be driven as a full-electric vehicle for short distances. The strong hybrid powertrain on the Hyryder is offered with a single transmission: a CVT automatic gearbox. The standout aspect of the strong hybrid powertrain is its excellent fuel efficiency of nearly 28 Kmpl – unmatched even by diesel engines in the compact SUV segment.

Toyota betting on hybrids and CNG to replace diesel

Going forward, expect more CNG powered cars from Toyota, along with strong hybrids. In fact, the upcoming Toyota Innova HyCross will be a petrol-strong hybrid MPV, and won’t offer a diesel engine even as an option. Globally, Toyota – like its Indian alliance partner Maruti Suzuki – is steadily moving away from diesel engined cars as emission norms get stricter with each passing year. While many automakers are betting on electric vehicles, Toyota is pushing its strong hybrid technology as a better alternative in the near term. For the Indian market, the automaker is also keen on CNG.