Toyota Hyryder: How to get the best mileage from the Strong Hybrid SUV? [Video]

Toyota recently launched their first ever mid size SUV Urban Cruiser Hyryder in the Indian market. It is India’s first mid-size SUV to get a proper strong hybrid system. The main attraction of the Toyota Hyryder strong hybrid system is the fuel efficiency. The strong hybrid version has a claimed mileage of almost 28 kmpl which is the highest in its segment. Driving a strong hybrid vehicle is actually slightly different from rregular cars. Here we have a video that shares driving tips for the strong hybrid SUV.

The video has been uploaded by Toyota India on their YouTube channel. The video talks about some of things that one should keep in mind while driving the Hyryder strong hybrid version. This would help squeeze out better fuel economy. As we know that driving style matters a lot when it comes to such vehicles. First tip that the video offers is about how to start the vehicle. As this is a strong hybrid vehicle, it always starts as an EV. This means, the car is very silent and for a person who driving such a vehicle for the first time, it might be a bit confusing.

Toyota explains that, one should always ensure that the car is in Park mode before starting it. To start the car, press the brake pedal and then push the start button which is placed next to the steering wheel. When the engine is on, the instrument cluster in the car would show ready EV notification. The driver can simply slot the gear lever into D mode and start driving it like a regular car. The driver can continue to use the car in D mode in city and highway driving conditions. However, when the car is being driven down a slope or an incline, the driver should shift the gear from D to B for regenerative braking. In the braking mode, the car uses engine braking and that helps in controlling the speed of the car without actually pressing the brake pedal. It also recharges the battery in the car.

Toyota Hyryder: How to get the best mileage from the Strong Hybrid SUV? [Video]

If you are stuck in a traffic signal or bringing the car to a stop, always shift to P gear instead of N. In N mode, the charge from the battery keeps on draining and that would affect the overall economy. In P mode, the car would continue charging the battery The same practice should be followed when the car is turned off as well. If the car is parked in Neutral or N mode, then the instrument cluster will show a notificiation to shift the car to P mode. This is called accessory on mode and in this mode, the driver can actually use the infotainment system as well. The driver cannot lock the car using the key fob till the gear lever is shifted to P.

Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder is a premium looking mid-size SUV, which is developed jointly with Maruti Suzuki. The all-new Grand Vitara also has similar set of features. The strong hybrid version of Toyota Hyryder is powered by a 1.5 litre, three cylinder, naturally aspirated petrol engine that runs of Atkinson cycle. The engine is mated to a e-CVT gearbox. It is available in 2WD format and has decent number of features.

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