Meet India’s Toyota Innova that has done more than 10 Lakh Kms

Toyota vehicles are known for their longevity and bulletproof reliability in India and around the world. That’s one of the primary reasons for the sale figure of the Toyota Innova in India. There are many examples of the Toyota Innova MPVs crossing lakhs of kilometres without facing any major issues on the Indian roads. We told you about a Toyota Innova and a Toyota Qualis that have done 6 lakh km and 8 lakh km but this Innova is the one that has crossed 10 lakh km, the maximum reading of the odometer! Here are the details.

Meet India’s Toyota Innova that has done more than 10 Lakh Kms

We found this picture after Anaamalais Toyota, an authorised dealership of the brand posted a picture of this Toyota Innova online. This is the first Innova that we know to have reached 10 lakh km. It gets a private number plate, whereas most Innova MPVs that have covered so much of distance, generally are commercial number plates that are used as a taxi.

While looking for the owner, we found out that the vehicle belongs to Velmurugan. V and the vehicle were registered in July 2007! It is a 13-year-old car and has covered almost 1 lakh km every year, which is quite high. While we are not sure about the reason for doing such a high number of kilometres, what we know that the vehicle is still up and running and is still being used by the owner.

The D-4D engine powering the Toyota Innova and Fortuner in India are renowned world over for their high reliability. This car gets the same 2.5-litre D-4D engine that can last for lakhs of kilometres with scheduled servicing. There are several such vehicles roaming on the Indian roads and even though it sounds shocking most Innova that run as a cab or a taxi have crossed lakhs of kilometres without any problem or trouble.

The best way to ensure that the vehicle will last for lakhs of kilometres is to give it a regular service and never miss a scheduled service. Also, keep on replacing the essential oils like the engine oil to ensure longevity. Even driving the vehicle in a sedate manner while ensuring that you do not go over the speed-breakers at a high speed and maintain the condition for the vehicle and make it last for years or even decade.

Generally, the diesel engines are more reliable than the petrol engines for a number of reasons, which we will mention in another article. But if you know someone who has lakhs of kilometres on the odometer of their vehicle, do send us the information.