This Toyota Innova has done 6 lakh kms & is still going STRONG

Toyota launched the Innova MPV on our shores in 2005. The MPV has since then become synonymous with comfort and reliability. This is the reason why it became such a success ever since its launch. One can still see the first generation Innova plying on our roads without much issue. However, what we bring to you today is a story that speaks volumes about Toyota’s build quality. The Innova you see below has covered more than 6 lakhs kilometers (yeah, you read that right) and is still going strong without any hiccup.

Innova 6 Lakh Km 2

The silver Innova above is the first generation model of the car, before the facelift was launched. It is owned by M V Gopinathan and the Innova was registered in July 2005. This is the same year that Toyota launched the Innova in India and therefore, it can be said that this Innova is one of the earliest models to roll out of the factory. The odometer of the car shows a reading that is greater than 6 lakh kilometers, which is a big figure for any car. The car was bought from Nippon Toyota, Kerela, and was regularly serviced there too. Apart from the high distance covered by the car, another fact to be highlighted here is the fact that the car got its first clutch replaced at 6 lakh kilometer. This again is exceptional, especially with many car owners in India needing to replace the clutch just after 50,000 kilometers.

Another point to notice here is the legendary built quality of Toyota. Mostly, it is advised to buy a car only after a year of two since its launch. This is because by that time, the manufacturer irons out the manufacturing defects or any other glitch that was present in the car. However, this Innova proves that with Toyota, that’s not the case. The company is one of the biggest auto manufacturers in the world and has taken the first place in the top selling automotive brand across the world several times. The Corolla sedan is its best selling product till date and known across the world for its tank like built quality.

Innova 6 Lakh Km

However, if proper care of the vehicle is not taken, it is deemed to deteriorate over time. No matter whether it’s made by Toyota or even Oshkosh, without care and maintenance, a vehicle would not survive the test of time and tarmac. It seems like the owner of this car religiously followed the checkup and service timelines and got all the work done at the authorized service centre only. This first generation Innova was powered by a 2.5 litre turbocharged D-4D diesel engine that churned out 102 PS of power. A 2 litre petrol engine was also available along with the diesel engine.

The Innova became the best selling MPV of the country despite its high price, which is not a common phenomena in India. The reason for this was the dependable build quality, reliable engine along with spacious and comfortable interiors. It is also among the most popular vehicles of popular movie stars and politicians.

Innova 6 Lakh Km 3

The second generation Innova on sale now, called the Innova Crysta carries on the legacy of the older generation model. It is larger, more powerful, more spacious and better equipped than the car it replaces and is also better looking. It comes with 3 engine options, one petrol and two diesels. The 2.7 litre petrol engine produces 164 Bhp of power along with 245 Nm of torque and is mated to 5 speed manual gearbox. Diesel options include a 2.4 litre engine and a 2.8 litre engine, producing 148 Bhp-343 Nm and 172 Bhp-360 Bhp power outputs respectively. While the smaller diesel gets only a 5-speed manual, the bigger diesel engines gets a 6-speed torque converter automatic gear box too.

This spectacular Innova case highlights an issue which is often neglected by vehicle owners. A car is like any other machine and it needs regular checkups and services in order to function well. If you take care of your car, go for scheduled services and don’t skip on the necessary expense, the car will run without any problem and will be your partner during many happy moments.

Source- ModsOwnCountry Whatsapp Group