Toyota Innova crashes 30 feet from an incomplete flyover! 3 dead

In a scene straight from a horror movie, a Toyota Innova crashed 30 feet from an incomplete flyover. The driver of Innova simply drove off the incomplete flyover, straight into a ditch of accumulated rain water. Three people traveling in the Innova died in this crash.

What! How?

Toyota Innova crashes 30 feet from an incomplete flyover! 3 dead

Four people of a family from Kolathur in Sriperumbudur, had hired a Toyota Innova to attend a relative’s engagement in a place called Minjur. At around 930 PM, the driver, apparently unaware about the fact that the flyover was incomplete, drove straight off it.

The MPV crashed 30 feet from the flyover, into a pit filled with rain water. Mr. Palani (65), his wife Mrs. Navaneetham (55), and their daughter Ms. Pavithra (26) were killed in the crash. The driver of the Innova, Mr. Kandavel, miraculously survived and so did Mr. Ayyappan, the son-in-law of Mr. Palani.

It’s said that the relatives of the family, who were following the Innova in another car, stopped after seeing the MPV fall off the flyover. It is likely that darkness led to this crash as the driver would have been totally unaware of the danger lurking ahead. Police sources added this,

The driver did not know it was incomplete and local residents claim there were no barricades.

From the statement of police sources, it’s clear that this is an accident that could have been completely avoided. Not barricading an incomplete flyover is criminal negligence, and those responsible for this should be brought to book.

Civic apathy claims hundreds of lives in India but this is an incident that really stands out for the sheer shock it evokes. In such conditions, even basic safety precautions such as wearing seatbelts and driving under the speed limit may not have helped as unlit flyovers are pitch dark, and it’s very hard for a driver to spot such a void.

Via TheHindu