Toyota Innova Crysta after 2 lakh kms: What it drives like [Video]

Toyota Innova Crysta is one of the best selling MPVs in the Indian market. Even after being priced at around Rs. 16 lakhs, it sells in fairly good numbers. Toyota itself is known for reliability and low maintenance. Here is an example of a Toyota Innova Crysta that has covered 2.3 lakh kilometres on the odometer.

The video has been uploaded by AutoRaj Vlogs on their YouTube channel. The host gives us a walkaround of the vehicle and shows the condition of the bodywork. He also shares the pros and cons owing an Innova Crysta that has covered so many kilometres. The vehicle that we see in the video is a 2017 model and is a GX variant.

The exterior looks in a pretty decent shape for a vehicle that has covered so many kilometres. The interior also has help pretty well with seats looking fine. The first thing that the host talks about is the reliability of the vehicle. We do know that Innova is known to last lakhs of kilometres. We have seen Innova cross 6 lakhs kilometres and even 10 lakh kilometres.

Toyota Innova Crysta after 2 lakh kms: What it drives like [Video]


The second thing that the host shares are the low maintenance cost. Because the vehicles are so reliable, Toyota has managed to have minimal maintenance costs. The host says that considering Innova’s segment, the maintenance cost is pretty low. You just need to change the air filter, AC filter, engine oil and oil filter according to the host.

Then he says that the space on offer in the Innova Crysta is ample. So, there is enough headroom and legroom. Also, there is no issue of shoulder room because the vehicle in the video is equipped with captain seats for the second row instead of bench seat arrangement. The third row is also usable for adults.


The biggest positive, according to the host is the resale value. The trust factor and the image of Innova make it pretty easy to sell an Innova in the pre-owned market. Another thing that is a bonus in the resale is reliability. People know that the engine is made to last lakhs of kilometres. So, they are not hesitant to buy an Innova with 1.5 lakh kilometres on the odometer. These are some of the reasons why Toyota vehicles hold their resale value so well.

He also talks about the cons of the Innova Crysta. The host says that there is no underbody protection provided by the factory which is a big miss considering the price point at which the Innova Crysta is sold. Another issue that he reveals is that the tyre life is not more than 40,000 km. He says that he has to change the tyres after 40,000 km.

He also says the previous generation of Innova offered better ride quality and comfort. There is also quite a bit of body roll. He also thinks that the braking is not adequate on the Innova. Considering the power output and the weight of the vehicle, Toyota should have offered discs on the rear wheels also. The interior plastic quality is also not as good as the previous generation of Innova.