Toyota Innova Crysta after 2.5 lakh Kms: What it drives like [Video]

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Toyota is a brand that has built its reputation in the Indian and international markets for its reliability. This is one of the main reasons why many Toyota models still have a great resale value. Their low cost of maintenance, along with the extremely reliable engine, means the owner has very little to worry about. We have hardly heard anyone complain about the service experience from Toyota either. Here, we have a video where a Toyota Innova Crysta owner, who uses it as a taxi, shares his experience after covering 2.5 lakh kilometers.

The video has been uploaded by Sunderdeep Singh on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger speaks to a taxi driver on his way to the airport. The driver was traveling in a 2019 model Toyota Innova Crysta diesel. The owner of this Innova Crysta is driving the car as well. While talking to the driver, he mentioned that he has driven the car for over 2.5 lakh kilometers. The passenger or the vlogger was surprised, and that’s how the conversation started.

The car is almost 5 years old, and even then, it looks well-maintained both from the outside and inside. There are no rattles or signs of wear and tear in the cabin. The ride quality of the Innova and Innova Crysta has been praised by many in the past, and the customer had nothing to complain about. The owner of the Innova Crysta then mentions that he always wanted to own a Toyota Innova, but by the time he could afford one, the Innova was no longer available in the market. Also Read: Hyundai Alcazar vs Mahindra XUV700 vs Toyota Innova Crysta: Comparing Their Variants Priced Rs 19-20 Lakh

Toyota Innova Crysta after 2.5 lakh Kms: What it drives like [Video]
Toyota Innova Crysta ownership experience

He then bought an Innova Crysta, which offers more premium features. Before this, he used to drive cars like the Mahindra Xylo, XUV500, and even the older Toyota Innova. He feels the Innova is the best in terms of comfort and ownership. After owning the Innova Crysta for almost 5 years, the owner says that he has not faced any issues with the car so far. It is still running on the stock clutch even after covering 2.5 lakh kilometers.

He even mentions that there is a person who owns a previous-generation Innova that has covered over 8 lakh kilometers and is still working without any issues. The owner is very confident about the reliability and says that he services the vehicle every 10,000 kilometers. Initially, after buying the car, he used to take it to an authorized dealership. However, after the warranty has lapsed, he takes the car to his friend who runs a garage. On average, the service cost of the Innova Crysta is around Rs 12,000.

The owner mentions that although this is a heavy and bulky car, it has been providing him a mileage of 12-13 kmpl within the city, and when he is on the highway, the car returns around 16-17 kmpl. The maximum efficiency he has achieved with this Innova Crysta is around 17.5 kmpl. We already know that Toyota designs their engines in such a manner that they are never stressed. This relaxed nature of the engine, along with the use of high-quality materials and a less complicated system, ensures a longer life for the engine.