Toyota Innova Crysta base G trim customised inside-out to look like top-end trim

Toyota Innova and Innova Crysta MPVs are the most popular MPVs in India. It is popular in both private and commercial vehicle sector. Innova and Innova Crysta are popular among buyers for being reliable and comfortable ride. There are several first generation Toyota Innova MPVs in India that are still running without any major engine issues. We have seen several examples of modified Toyota Innova MPVs and here we have one such video where a lower G variant of 2021 Innova Crysta has been neatly modified to look like a top-end Z trim.

The video has been uploaded by Car Man India on their YouTube channel. Vlogger starts by showing the customisation made to the interior of the MPV. The G variant of Innova comes with fabric seats. Vlogger replaced them with tan coloured leather custom made seat covers. It is similar to what is available in the top-end variant. The matte black plastic trims on the dashboard and door panels were hydro dipped in silver finish as well.

The dashboard gets a faux wooden panel and the front doors gets a gloss or piano black finish trim to it. The door pads are also wrapped in tan leather. Even the G variant comes with touchscreen infotainment system, so no changes were made to it. The steering wheel on G variant was also wrapped in black leather with tan coloured stitching on it.

Moving to the rear, the Innova Crysta gets faux wooden inserts on door. The quality of seat covers look good and there are no wrinkles or fit and finish issues seen anywhere on it. 7D floor mats were installed in the car and even that gets tan coloured diamond stitch patterns in it.

Toyota Innova Crysta base G trim customised inside-out to look like top-end trim

Moving out, the exterior also gets several customisations. The front grille in base G variant is a simple matte black grille with silver coloure plastic outlines around it. The original grille was hydro dipped to give it a gloss black finish like higher variants. The silver plastic trim around it was replaced with chrome garnish.

The headlamps remain stock but, the lights in it are now LED. G variant also misses out on fog lamps which has now been installed. These are LEDs too. Moving to the side profile, the Innova Crysta gets a lower window chrome garnish, fender chrome garnish and chrome door beading. This changes the overall look of the Innova Crysta and makes it look like higher variant. The car comes with alloy wheels so that was not replaced.

Vlogger mentioned that roof rails were also installed on this Innova as part of the customisation. At the rear, the car remains the same as stock except a chrome boot sill plate has been installed. A plastic bumper guard has also been installed on the rear bumper. Other than this no other changes can be seen on the MPV.

Innova Crysta comes with both petrol and diesel engine options. Petrol version uses a 2.7 litre engine whereas the diesel version uses a 2.4 litre engine. Both petrol and diesel are offered with manual and automatic transmission options.

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