Toyota Innova Crysta by Garage 100 with modified interior looks like a premium lounge

Toyota Innova Crysta is one of the most popular MPV in the country. It has been popular in the market for its reliability, ride comfort and low cost of maintenance. Due to its superior ride comfort, many people have even modified their cabin into lounges. Most of the lounge like modifications that we have seen so far are from DC which is extremely expensive. Here we have a video where an Innova Crysta gets a fully customised cabin. The car has been modified from Garage 100 and looks premium.

The video has been uploaded by AutoHunters India on their YouTube channel. The video starts with vlogger talking about the changes that are made to the cabin. The second and third row seats on the Innova Crysta have been removed. It has been replaced for a pair of custom made recliner seats. The seats can be electrically adjusted to provide utmost comfort to the occupants.

The cabin is not get many features that we normally see on DC lounges but, this one also has decent amount of features. The seats are electrically adjustable, there is a transparent screen between the driver’s cabin and the rear lounge. The cabin gets a brown leather upholstery that looks premium. The door pads also gets similar coloured soft touch materials on them. Just below the privacy shield, an LED screen has been installed for entertainment purposes. On either side of screen , there are magazine holders. The foldable tray is also placed for the occupants.

Toyota Innova Crysta by Garage 100 with modified interior looks like a premium lounge

The roof liner on this Innova remains unchanged. The original AC vents on Innova Crysta are retained to keep the cabin cool. Another important modification on this Toyota Innova Crysta is the refrigerator. It is placed in the boot on the Crysta and is connected to the 12V socket in the car. Even after installing the refrigerator, there is decent amount of space inside the boot to keep luggage of couple of people.

Coming to the front, the driver’s cabin remains unchanged. It gets a company fitted touchscreen infotainment screen, steering and other features. The seat upholstery has been changed to match the overall theme of the car. A walkie talkie has also been placed in the cabin so that the occupants can talk to the driver or vice versa.

No other modifications have been made to the Innova Crysta. The MPV looks stock from outside but, is entirely different on the inside. Vlogger mentions that approximate cost of modifying your Innova Crysta or any MPV is around Rs 3.5 lakh to Rs 4 lakh. The cost will keep on increasing depending upon the type of modifications and customisation that a customer chooses for. The price mentioned in the video is for the setup that is seen in the video.

Toyota Innova Crysta recently received a minor facelift. There are some cosmetic changes and feature update but, mechanically the MPV remains the same. The MPV is available with both petrol and diesel engine options. The petrol version of the Innova is powered by a 2.7 litre while the diesel version of the MPV is powered by a 2.4 litre engine. Both petrol and diesel engine options are offered with manual and automatic gearbox options.

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