Toyota Innova Crysta modified with Alphard grille: Looks unique [Video]

Toyota Crysta Alphard grille conversion

The Toyota Innova Crysta is one of the most successful and popular models of the Innova MPV in India. A lot of people own this MPV, and recently, to give their Innova Crysta a unique appearance, this owner decided to add an imported Toyota Alphard grille to their car. The video of this unique conversion has now been shared online and shows how a distinct grille can change the entire front fascia of a standard Innova Crysta.

Toyota Innova Crysta Alphard Grille Conversion

This video of the Innova Crysta conversion with the Alphard grille has been shared on YouTube by Autorounders on their channel. The presenter in the video mentions that this is the first Innova Crysta in India that has ever been given this unique grille. According to the presenter, this job has been done at Autorounders’ shop in Hyderabad. He first shows the pre-conversion condition of the vehicle and mentions that it is a brand-new 2022 model.

Toyota Innova Crysta modified with Alphard grille: Looks unique [Video]

From the before shots, it can be noted that it previously had a different grille that looked like a Lexus-inspired one. However, most likely, the vehicle had met with an accident, evident from the damages on the front right lower section of the bumper. The presenter in the video also mentions that they will be making a few changes to the rear of the car as well.

Following this, the presenter shows the fully completed front and rear ends of the Innova Crysta. From the front, it can be noted that the entire front bumper, along with the grille, has been replaced with the new grille. The new grille gets a massive chrome shield-like design with the Toyota logo in the center. Additionally, there are two massive inverted L-shaped LED DRLs along with a ton of chrome accents. At the end of these LED DRLs, there are square LED fog lights as well. The headlights have been kept the same as the original car.

Toyota Innova Crysta modified with Alphard grille: Looks unique [Video]

The presenter then shows the rear end of the Innova Crysta. He mentions that they have also added a new skirting to the rear bumper, which adds additional non-functional vents and a more aggressive rear bumper. He states that this new addition makes the rear end look a lot more sporty than before. Lastly, he mentions that they have fully repainted these new parts to make them look original.

Toyota Innova Crysta modified with Alphard grille: Looks unique [Video]

2023 Toyota Innova Crysta

Since the launch of the new Toyota Innova Hycross, the company has discontinued the petrol variants of the Innova Crysta and currently offers it with just a single diesel engine option. It comes powered by a 2.4L 4-cylinder diesel motor that generates a maximum of 147.51 bhp and 343 Nm of torque. Currently, Toyota offers only a single transmission option in the Innova Crysta, which is a 5-speed manual.

Toyota Innova Crysta modified with Alphard grille: Looks unique [Video]
Toyota Innova Crysta

As for the pricing of the outgoing Innova Crysta, it has a total of 3 variants, with the base GX variant starting at Rs 19.99 lakh. The mid-spec VX variant is priced at Rs 24.39 lakh for the 7-seater variant and Rs 24.44 lakh for the 8-seater variant. The ZX, which is the top-of-the-line variant, is priced at Rs. 26.05 lakh. All the variants of Innova Crysta are available in 7 and 8-seater versions except the top-of-the-line ZX variant, which is available only in the 7-seater version.