Toyota to replace diesel-powered Innova Crysta with a petrol hybrid version

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The Toyota Innova Crysta has long been among the best selling MPVs in India. The majority of the Innovas sold are powered by diesel engines and for the same, the Crysta is sold with two different diesel engine options. However, Toyota may discontinue diesel engines on the Innova MPV in the coming two to three years. According to a report by Livemint, the Japanese automaker may instead bring in petrol hybrid engines on the Innova and the diesel engines will be shown the way out. This comes as a part of Toyota’s strategy which aims to switch towards eco-friendly vehicles according to people aware of the matter. The petrol engine, however, will continue to be offered with the Innova.

Toyota to replace diesel-powered Innova Crysta with a petrol hybrid version

April 2020 will see the implementation of the BSVI emission norms but more importantly, Toyota is planning to meet the even stricter fuel efficiency norms to be introduced from 2022. Therefore, it is pushing for introducing hybrid technology on our shores. However, this change will be made only on the next-generation model of the Innova and not the current model. Sources close to the matter stated:

“Diesel engine option for the next replacement of Innova seems off the cards right now. Toyota will develop the next generation of the Innova with the hybrid system and given the stricter emission and fuel efficiency norms this strategy makes perfect sense. Toyota’s portfolio is very diesel-heavy and this will also help Toyota push its hybrid technology in India”.

Toyota to replace diesel-powered Innova Crysta with a petrol hybrid version
Toyota Innova Crysta Venturer used as an illustration

The next-generation model of the Innova will be launched by either 2021 or 2022. In 2022 or 2023, India will implement the second phase of the corporate average fuel efficiency (CAFE) norms and Real-World Driving Emissions test. This basically means that the emission norms and other related limits will get even tighter.  For the same, Toyota seems to be reorienting its India strategy in line with upcoming regulations. Speaking on the matter, Puneet Gupta, associate director, IHS Markit said

“The product mix going forward will be important as it will decide the fate of many vehicles and fuel mix among these vehicles. It is expected that Toyota’s focus will be to push hybrids in India even in their bigger vehicles and try to exit diesel in mass segment vehicles. This is just to align to expectations of Indian consumers who want more mileage at a minimum additional price for their cars. Toyota like other vehicles manufacturers is expected to focus on gasoline and hybrid combination in their vehicles even in C-segment,”

Currently, the Innova Crysta is offered with a 2.4-litre diesel engine and a 2.7 litre naturally aspirated diesel engine. The manufacturer also offers hybrid powertrains on the Camry and Prius in India but the sales volumes are quite low.