Toyota Innova Crysta pre-facelift with customised interior looks premium [Video]

The brand Toyota has created a space for itself in the Indian market. No matter how expensive the vehicles from Toyota have got over the years, there popularity does not seem to diminish. The main reason behind that is because they are all extremely reliable. Even today, a type 1 Toyota Innova would fetch you a decent amount if you go out to sell. They are known to last long and are extremely reliable as well. Same is the case with Innova Crysta as well. People who have the pre-facelift models are now looking to modify it into 2022 model and also customise the interior to give it a fresh look. Here we have one such Innova Crysta where the interiors have been neatly customised to look premium.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. In this video, the owner of the pre-facelift Innova Crysta wanted to modify the front-end of the MPV to the 2022 version and along with that, he wanted a fresh looking interior too. Coming to the exterior, the stock bumper, fog lamps and the grille on the Innova. All these panels were replaced with aftermarket units which were similar to what Toyota offers with the facelifted version of Crysta. Once the bumper and grille was removed, the new bumper was installed to check if it fits properly and then the team started working on the bumper.

The sprayed a coat of primer and then painted the whole bumper in the same colour as rest of the body in the paint booth. The whole car was not painted but, the glossy finish of the paint was brought back using compound. Once the exterior look was complete, they painted the alloy wheels black and the brake calipers red for a sporty look. Next is the interior. The dark themed interior was giving it a very old look and that is why the owner wanted a lighter shade for it. He finalised on a black and ice grey theme for the cabin which would give it a premium look.

Toyota Innova Crysta pre-facelift with customised interior looks premium [Video]

The upper part of the dashboard and the door pads have all been finished in black. The steering wheel has been redone as well. It gets gloss black and leather wrapping on it. The faux wooden panel on the dashboard has been redone in black marble finish. One of the AC vents was damaged when the car came to the garage. That was also replaced as part of the customisation. The roof liner and the pillars remian stock. The other customisation on this Innova Crysta are the seats. The original leather upholstert has been replaced with a custom made ice grey coloured seat cover with diamond stitching on it. The leatherette seat covers fit neatly on the seat. The work done on this car looks extremely good and the owner was also very satisfied with the final product. Minor modification on the exterior and a custom interior has completely changed the look of the car and it looks more premium than the stock Innova Crysta.