Toyota Innova Crysta roof dented after Goa tourist sits on roof [Video]

For some unknown reason, many Indians believe that sitting on the roof of a car makes them look powerful. Although contrary to this odd belief, it makes them look stupid. And in the most recent incident of this stupidity, a Goa tourist with his group of friends was spotted sitting on the roof of a Toyota Innova Crysta MPV. In the video, it was noted that the roof of the car was dented after the Goa tourist sat on it near Vagator beach.

The video was uploaded on the popular social media platform Facebook and it can be seen that a tourist sat on the roof of a first-generation white Innova Crysta. Then it can be seen that he notices that the roof has been dented he gets off it. Following this one of his friends then pushes the roof from the inside by hitting it aggressively. The roof then returns to its original shape.

The video was shared by Neil D’Souza and in the caption of the video it was stated that the incident was from Vagator beach in Goa. The number plate of the car was also visible in the video. The number was GA 03 W 5111.

Why people should not sit on roofs of cars?

For those unaware, the roofs of the cars are not meant for sitting (the seats inside are). The primary reason is that the roofs of almost all the cars are just thin sheets of metals that are there to prevent weather from entering inside the cabin. They are not a structural part of the car. For the protection of passengers in case of roll overs, there are structural cross members placed on the roofs.

Also it has to be noted that the roof getting dented by someone sitting on top is not an indication of build quality of the car as mentioned by some netzines on the post. The roofs dents because they are not designed to take heavy weights.

Other stupid incidents done by tourists in Goa

Earlier in January of this year, some foreign tourists were also caught on camera performing stunts on the famous Parra road in Goa. The beautiful route of Parra Road that leads to St. Anne’s church has become one of the favorite spot of tourists to do stupid stuff and in this most recent case some foreigners were observed performing acrobatics while riding motorbikes.

Toyota Innova Crysta roof dented after Goa tourist sits on roof [Video]

Prior to this incident another video went viral on internet where some tourists parked their Toyota Fortuner in the Miramar beach. It was reported that the tourists were from Rajasthan. The video caption stated that they decided to drive their car to the beach and park it there. Following this few police constables arrived at the scene and fined them Rs 1,500 for their act. After the video went viral many netizens appreciated the fine levied by the police authorities but a number of people also commented that this fine is not that big of a deal for people breaking the law. They stated that the mere Rs 1,500 fine can be seen an entry ticket which would further increase this problem of people illegally driving the cars on the beaches.