Top 5 ‘SECRET’ features of the Toyota Innova Crysta

The Toyota Innova is India’s most popular MPV and used models are known to easily retain most of their value up to 3 years from the year of purchase and many others. Its engine are known to run for ages with just a little bit of maintenance needed which makes the Innova a very good long-term investment for those purchasing the MPV from Toyota.

In a new video, Youtuber it’s me BISHNOI discusses a few hidden features of the Toyota Innova and in this post, we’ll take a look at five of them.

1. Motor that closes the boot lid

Unlike most regular cars, the Toyota Innova Crysta does not require you to slam the boot lid to get it to shut properly. The Innova’s boot lid features a soft close function which allows you to just push it softly towards the Innova. Ensure that you get the boot lid as near as possible to the closed position.

Once it is close enough, motors attached to the boot lid whirr into life and pull it towards the Innova before closing the opening softly, shutting the rear end of the MPV. This ensures that you don’t hurt your hand while slamming the boot lid or damage the Innova either, which can happen in regular vehicles if you slam a door or boot with too much force.

2. USB port can be used to charge the phone

Most cars with a USB port attached to the infotainment system don’t allow for phones to be charged using said port. In most cases, the port only detects pen drives and other media sources, which means you have to use an adapter for the 12V socket to be able to charge your phone. The Innova though allows for its owners to charge their phones through the USB port.

3. The Innova will tell you if you forget your car key inside

Before you start commenting that you have this feature in almost any car with a high-end central locking system, we are not talking about what you think we are. The Innova has another cool hidden feature that works only if you’ve left your keys inside the MPV. This feature means that if the Innova detects that you’ve left your key fob inside it, the MPV will not allow you to close the doors. Instead, warning light starts blinking inside the dials of the instrument cluster which informs owners that the keys have been left inside the car.

4. ‘Unlocking’ the automatic gearbox

If the car battery of an automatic car dies it is quite hard to get it towed away as the car has to be kept in park, which applies the brakes meaning the tyres are unable to move. To counter this, the Innova has a small port next to the top right of the automatic gearbox. Pull out the tab and use the key to push open the gearbox. This allows you to shift the Innova into neutral which in turn makes towing the MPV much easier.

5. Disabling the passenger airbag

The Innova comes with a host of safety features including up to 7 airbags. While this is quite cool, it can lead to quite the bill if you end up crashing the MPV. For those who are chauffeured around in their Innova, Toyota has provided a way to disable the front passenger airbag. Open the front passenger door and take the key inside the key fob and place it in the clearly marked out keyhole on the side of the dashboard. The keyhole has instructions around it telling you which way to turn the key to disable the front passenger airbag. If you turn the key and disable the airbag, a light in the centre console will light up to indicate the same. However, do not turn this feature off if you know someone is going to occupy the front passenger seat.