What happens when you press the start-stop button in a moving Toyota Innova Crysta [Video]

Innova Stop

Most of the modern cars come with a push-button start-stop feature built in them. It is also called keyless ignition and enables the driver to start the car without putting in the key. It is very convenient and the car can be started at the push of a button. Some years back, keyless ignition was considered a premium feature and was present in high-end cars but now, it is available on affordable cars as well. However, many of you might have a query about what would happen if the ignition switch is pressed while the car is being driven on the road. The video below by it’s me BISHNOI answers just that along with showing the different scenarios in which this could be done.

Before discussing further, let us tell you that this should not be imitated or copied in any way. It is not good for your vehicle and the aim of this post is to raise awareness rather than promote any sort of antics. It can also result in casualties if done carelessly. Let’s now talk about what happens when the start/stop button is pressed while the vehicle is in motion.

In the video, we see that the first test is done with the vehicle speed at around 10-12 km/h. Upon pressing the button, nothing happens but a warning pops on the MID that reads “push and hold the button for an emergency stop” with three warning beeps. This is actually a manual override system built in the vehicle which prevents engine kill if the button is pressed by mistake. If the driver wants to stop the car, he must push and hold the button for about three seconds. Doing this will lead to the engine being shut down.

What happens when you press the start-stop button in a moving Toyota Innova Crysta [Video]

The next test is done when the car, which is a Toyota Innova Crysta here, is running at a speed of about 60 km/h. On pressing the button once, again nothing happens and the same sign pops up on the MID suggesting the driver to press and hold the key if the engine needs to be killed. Then the car is taken on another run and this time the ignition button is pressed for long while the car is doing about 80 km/h. This leads to the engine being shut off with the car still in motion. The steering gets tight and so do the brakes, which get less responsive.

All modern cars come with electric or hydraulic power-steering. and stopping the engine causes the steering to become heavy. Even the brakes of modern cars are engine assisted and stopping the engine causes them to lose their efficiency. Therefore, it is extremely important that one uses extreme caution while stopping a vehicle when it is still in motion. After the engine is shut off, there is a prolonged beep sound along with the MID displaying a message which reads “Shift to neutral to restart the engine”. Upon doing the same, the engine gets back to life and the car continues to behave normally.

What happens when you press the start-stop button in a moving Toyota Innova Crysta [Video]n

The ignition switch system could function a bit differently in different cars. Automatic and manual cars too have bit different start-stop systems. However, the basic functioning is the same and this system of preventing a single touch engine kill is present in all cars. The video below is another example of how this system works.