Tractor Saves Toyota Innova Crysta as MPV Gets Stuck on Riverbed [Video]

Toyota Innova Crysta is the best-selling premium MPV in the Indian market. There is no other MPV that is as popular as the Innova in the Indian market. The Innova Crysta, which is the latest iteration of the vehicle is known for its superior reliability and extremely good ride quality.

This is why the Innova is quite popular among the cab owners. However, the Indian version of the Toyota Innova Crysta is only available in the 2WD format and it can be tricky to drive it on challenging surfaces. Here’s a video that shows why you should not take your Innova off-the-road.

Toyota Innova Crysta gets saved by a tractor

The Toyota Innova Crysta is a rear-wheel driven vehicle. Which means it behaves quite differently from other 2WD vehicles, which are mostly FWD. The vehicle can be seen being driven around on the loose sand of the riverbank. While it may be a cakewalk for many 4WD vehicles, the heavy body of Innova alongside the rear wheel drive set-up ensured that it got stuck in the sand. It is interesting fact that many FWD would have been a little more successful than the RWD on this kind of surface. More on that later.

The Toyota Innova Crysta’s rear wheels started to spin and it could not move any further. Later, an Innova came but the video did not show any rescue that may be attempted at the spot. A tractor came to the spot for the rescue mission but it became quite a task to recover the Innova Crysta due to the lack of equipment. The people on the spot first used an iron rod, which snapped at the first attempt of recovering the Innova Crysta. The second attempt also ended with an iron rod snapping dangerously. A thick chain was sourced for the third attempt and the Innova was successfully pulled out of the spot.

Tractor Saves Toyota Innova Crysta as MPV Gets Stuck on Riverbed [Video]

Now, an FWD could have been more successful due to the weight distribution. All affordable vehicles have their engines located at the front. Now the engine sits directly above the FWD vehicle, which puts extra weight on the live axle and creates more traction. More traction can help vehicles to come out from such situations.

How to not do a rescue

The video showed two iron rods had snapped with people standing around it. It can be extremely dangerous if any shrapnel from the iron road comes towards the bystanders. Even the chain that was used in the last was extremely small for a safe recovery. Whenever doing such rescues, it is important to get a very strong rope. Snapping off a rope or any other objects during the rescue can cause a whiplash and the bystanders could get badly hurt. The bystanders should stand clear of the area to ensure that it is a safe rescue.