Toyota Innova Crysta vs Tata Hexa in a drag race: 7-seater battle [Video]

The Toyota Innova and the Tata Hexa are two popular seven seater utility vehicles that are very good at ferrying a large number of people around in absolute comfort. So what happens when the two 7-seaters go head-to-head in a drag race? The video below from Motorbeam shows you what happens.

Surprisingly it is the Hexa which gets off the line quicker, but the Toyota Innova Touring Sport quickly catches up and overtakes the Tata before running away with the race. Both cars seen in the race were diesel-powered automatic versions of the respective UVs. So why did the Toyota Innova Crysta win the drag race? Let’s list out the reasons:

1) Engine

The Toyota Innova Touring Sport is quite a lot more powerful than the Tata Hexa. The Hexa’s 2.2-litre turbo diesel engine produces 154 bhp @ 4,000 rpm and 400 Nm of torque @ 1,700 rpm.

The Innova Touring Sport’s larger 2.8-litre turbo diesel powerplant, on the other hand, produces 18 Bhp more than the Hexa at lower revs, cranking out 172 Bhp @ 3,400 rpm and 360 Nm of torque at just 1,200 rpm.

The extra power and torque available at lower rpm, thanks to a faster-spooling turbo and quicker-revving engine, allow the Innova to catch up with the Hexa and then leave it behind to chase after its tailpipe.

Toyota Innova Crysta vs Tata Hexa in a drag race: 7-seater battle [Video]

2) Power-to-weight ratio

The Innova has the power advantage but is 40 Nm down on the Hexa. However, the Innova has another ace up its sleeve, that makes the Hexa’s torque advantage yesterday’s news.

The Innova Touring Sport is, get this, 460 kilogrammes lighter than the Hexa. The Innova has a far superior power-to-weight ratio compared to the Hexa with 94.50bhp/tonne compared to the Tata’s rather sorry figure of 67.54 bhp/tonne.

This explains why the Innova put its bad start behind it and blasted its way past the Hexa on its way to victory. Not having to carry along a baby elephant for the ride would allow anyone to beat their opponent in a head-to-head drag race, even if it was a tortoise against a hare. Considering that the Innova had more power, to begin with, means that the race only had one conclusion from the start, despite the Hexa jumping ahead at the start.