Toyota Innova Crysta Type 1 to Type 4 conversion looks beautiful

Toyota Innova is without any doubt one of the most popular MPV in the Indian market. It has been available in the market for a very long time and during this time, we have seen several iterations of the MPV in the market. Innova is not available in the market anymore as it was replaced with much modern looking and feature loaded Innova Crysta. It also received a minor facelift last year with some cosmetic changes and feature updates. Innova like any other Toyota car is very reliable and that is one of the reason why people buy them. We still have several well kept examples of Innova MPVs in the country and here we have a video where a Type 1 Innova has been beautifully converted to look like Type4.

The video has been uploaded by BROTOMOTIV on their youtube channel. The video shows the whole process of conversion and repainting the whole car. Along with the exteriors, interior of this Innova was also customised to give it a fresh look. When the Innova arrived at the workshop, the paint had started to fade and there were several minor dents on the car. As part of the conversion, several panels on the Type 1 Innova had to be removed.

The front grille, bonnet, headlamps, side fenders, bumper, chrome applique on the boot, tail lamps and rear bumper were removed and replaced with Type 4 units. In order place these new panels in plates, the workshop made some alteration at the front like welding brackets and other stuff. Once that was done, the dents and scratches on the car were corrected using putty fillers. There excess putty was then sanded out to get the desired body shape.

Toyota Innova Crysta Type 1 to Type 4 conversion looks beautiful

While this was being done, the interior of this Innova was also being taken car of. The dashboard and all the panels were taken out and cleaned. Once they had completely sanded the excess filler from the car, they spray a coat of primer on the car. All the panels and doors were taken out and painted separately to get an even finish. The car was then taken to a paint booth and coat of grey paint and clear coat was sprayed on it. All the panels received the same treatment. Painting in a paint booth avoids any kind of dust particles sticking to the wet paint and also gives it a factory finish.

Once the car was painted, they move towards the interior panels that were cleaned before. As per customer request, the dashboard on this Innova gets a tan and black interior. The seats also gets new tan coloured upholstery. The dashboard also gets a coat of primer and then the tan colour is sprayed on to it. As the overall look and feel of the car had changed, the silver finished alloy wheels started to look very odd. The workshop repaints them with gloss black paint which enhances the overall look of Innova. The work looks very neat and no one can actually tell that this was actually a type 1 Innova that has been converted to Type 4 by looking at it.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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