Toyota Innova Crysta vs Mahindra XUV700 and Tata Safari: Which one is more comfortable

Mahindra launched the new XUV700 recently and Tata launched the Safari SUV early in 2021. Both of them are three-row seven seater SUVs. Both the SUVs look good in terms of design and also offer a long list of features. Out of the two, Mahindra XUV700 offers more features. When it comes to 7-seater cars, Toyota Innova and Crysta has been ruling the segment for many years. It offers a comfortable ride and decent amount of space. Here we have a comparison video between Mahindra XUV700, Tata Safari and Toyota Innova Crysta to see which one offers more space and is more comfortable in the second and third row.

The video has been uploaded by Power On Wheel on their YouTube channel. The video starts with the vlogger sitting inside the Mahindra  XUV700. He sits in the third row and second row of the SUVs and Innova Crysta to show how comfortable they are. The second row seat on Mahindra XUV700  can be tumbled down to access the third row. The car gets premium looking cabin but, the third row is not the most comfortable place. The vlogger said, he cannot comfortably sit in the third row of both the SUVs.

In Tata Safari however, there was more headroom but, it was still not the most comfortable place to be in. After the third row, vlogger moves to the second row seats. Mahindra XUV700 was offering comfortable seats with ample amount of under thigh support, leg room and headroom. The car gets rear AC vents, USB charging ports and the seats can be reclined to make it more comfortable. However, the second row seats cannot be moved to the front and rear.

Toyota Innova Crysta vs Mahindra XUV700 and Tata Safari: Which one is more comfortable

The vlogger then sits in to the second row seats in Tata Safari. Vlogger felt that the second row seats in Tata Safari offered a lot more comfort than Mahindra XUV700. He said, there is ample amount of legroom and headroom available and the seats can be moved to the front and rear. Both the SUVs have the Boss mode option where the second row passenger can easily move the co-passenger seat forward without disturbing the driver.

Overall, vlogger felt that the Tata Safari was a bit more comfortable among the two. After comparing Mahindra XUV700 and Tata Safari, the vlogger moves in to the Inova Crysta. He said, out of the three, Toyota Innova Crysta has the most easily accessible third row seat. Once he sat in, he felt that the Innova offered the most comfortable third row. It came with adjustable headrest and the Innova even offered decent amount of boot space with three rows up. The third row seats can be reclined if needed as well. There is a roof mounted air vent but, it does not offer any charging sockets at the rear.

He then moves to the second row and felt a lot more comfortable. It was way more comfortable than the other two SUVs. This was the 6-seater version that came with captain seats in the middle. Toyota Innova Crysta may not be the most feature loaded car in the video but, it is definitely the most comfortable. Vlogger said, other manufacturer still have to work a lot to come forward with a product that can replace the Innova Crysta.