DC Design modified Toyota Innova is more LUXURIOUS & affordable than the new Crysta

DC Design is known for its opulent lounge transformation of vehicles. In the past, DC Design has converted a lot of MUVs into lounges that we have seen in pictures. Here is a Toyota Innova modified by DC Design and it is up for sale.

The second-hand DC-modified Innova lounge is available at Rahul Motors, and all the details are in the video that has been put up by My Country My Ride YouTube channel. The video also shows all the features of the Innova DC lounge, and according to the video, it is available for Rs. 12.5 lakhs, which is a negotiable price. It should be noted that a brand new Toyota Innova does not offer any such luxuries and the base model is priced at Rs. 14.83 lakh, which is a petrol model. The on-road starting price of a brand new Innova Crysta will be around Rs. 18 lakhs.

The video first shows the driver compartment, which is separated from the passenger compartment with the help of a screen. It gives privacy to the passengers. The driver can talk to the passengers or vice-versa through a push-button mic-speaker set-up. The driver compartment also gets a personal entertainment system that can be connected to USB sticks or Bluetooth mobile phones to stream music inside the driver’s cabin.

DC Design modified Toyota Innova is more LUXURIOUS & affordable than the new Crysta

As the privacy screen has been added, the view of the interior rearview mirror gets blocked. To overcome this problem, a full-time rear camera has been mounted, which works perfectly to show what’s behind the vehicle. The display replaces the traditional mirror.

The rear compartment gets a lot of goodies. There are two full-electrically adjustable lounge seats. Both the seats get calf-support that can be adjusted electronically from the armrest of the seats. The armrest can be folded completely. If the passengers want to re-position the seats when the armrest is folded, there are soft-touch buttons mounted on the door panel to do the job. The buttons on the door panels can also be used for the powered windows and to control the ambient lighting in the vehicle. It gets various settings of ambient light that can be used to match the mood inside the car. There is an extra mono seat that can be unfolded to make space for a kid, but there are no seatbelt restraints for this seat.

The car also gets a mini fridge that can be used to keep the drinks cold. The vehicle also gets a household electric socket that can be used to charge any device like laptop, phone or camera on the move. For entertainment purposes, there is a common screen mounted in the rear, that can be used to watch movies or stream music. Also, the vehicle’s mechanicals has not been touched, which means that it can be serviced at any regular Toyota service centre without any problem.

According to the video, DC Design charges around 8-9 lakhs to modify the vehicle like this lounge. This is over the price of the donor vehicle. If one goes for such a modification in a brand new Innova, the minimum amount will come to be around Rs. 28 lakh and in second-hand Innova with such modification will cost around Rs. 20 lakh. This deal looks quite good. We are not sure if there is any kind of warranty provided by the dealership for the electricals in the vehicle, but they do look like quality products.