Toyota Innova driven by Highway patrol crashes into bus: How did this happen? [VIDEO]

An accident in Kottarakara, Kerala shows the dangers of not following lane discipline. The accident took place on a newly paved highway between a Toyota Innova Police patrol vehicle and a bus. The whole incident was caught on camera and here is all you want to know about it.

What exactly happened?

The police patrol vehicle was clearing the way for the chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan who was supposed to pass through the same MC Raod. The accident took place in broad daylight at a sweeping corner.

The superfast bus of KSRTC was on its way from Perintahlamanna to Thiruvananthapuram when it collided head-on with the police vehicle. The eye-witnesses say that the bus was trying to overtake another bus on the road but it has not been captured on the camera. The police vehicle was badly damaged and the officers were injured. No fatality has been reported from the accident.

The video shows that both the bus and the police vehicle were probably way out of their lanes when the accident took place. The police vehicle can be seen taking a wider turn on the blind curve. The bus was in the middle of the undivided road too.

Toyota Innova driven by Highway patrol crashes into bus: How did this happen? [VIDEO]

The injured officers identified as grade sub-inspector Rashid from Puthur, Anil – ASI from Ezhukone, Vidya Raj from Kottarakara and Pramod, who was driving the vehicle from Armed Reserve Police Camp at Kollam. All the officers have been admitted to the hospital. According to the reports, no one in the bus was injured but pictures on the social media show blood stains on the steering wheel of the bus. No injuries to the passengers have been reported. All the four police officers are stable now.

The Kottakarakara police station has registered a case but we are not sure if the case has been registered against the bus driver or the police car driver.

What did we learn from this?

The accident took place in Kerala, which has narrow highways, which are mostly undivided. This creates a dangerous situation for the drivers. The accident took place on a newly paved road, which means everyone tends to drive quite fast. The road is new, and it not even get painted road separators – forget an actual median (divider). A painted road divider can help to keep the traffic in respective lanes. The unmarked roads can be extremely dangerous as the traffic from both the sides can misjudge and run into the opposite lane.

Driving on undivided highways can be dangerous. Here are a few tips that can keep you safe

  • Always stick to your lane on undivided highways.
  • Overtaking should be done with extreme caution as the opposite traffic is not separated by a physical barrier.
  • Always maintain speed and be slow on the curves.
  • Always find a broad space or a safe place before stopping on the undivided roads.

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