Watch a Toyota Innova driver’s super precise driving in and out of an EXTREME parking slot [Video]

Parking space is a major problem in most cities in India. With limited space and a growing number of cars, most car owners have to park the vehicle on the roadside, which might not be safe for many cars. Here is an extreme parking location where a Toyota Innova driver shows his precision driving skills to get the vehicle out of the spot. How does he do it? Watch the video.

This video is from Kerala and the Innova can is parked on the opposite side of the road. There is only a small space, which is only a few hundred millimetres longer than the wheelbase of the Innova. The driver calmly walks inside the vehicle and starts working on bringing the vehicle out of the parking area. There are two grilles on the side that make things difficult too. The parking area seems to be a platform and any wrong move can get the Innova stuck.

The driven is quite calm and can be seen talking on the phone too. After a while, he starts the vehicle and moves it around. After a few breathtaking moments where the tyres can be seen just a few centimetres away from the edge. But the driver seems to have done this numerous times, which is why he seems so calm and confident about it. After a few moments, he successfully brings the Innova on the road.

There is a video that shows him parking the Innova on the same spot. The driver enters the parking spot in reverse and takes about a minute to turn the car and fit it perfectly on the small platform. The other motorists and pedestrians became so interested in the parking that they stopped to see how it is done!

Parking in India

Due to space constraints, there are many who have built innovative places for parking. One of the most popular videos showing such innovative parking is the one where the person has created a platform to slide his Maruti Suzuki Zen hatchback under the stairs. The platform is made up of iron and after parking the Zen on the platform, it is pushed under the stairs for a covered parking space.

There is another video of a Maruti Suzuki 800 being parked in Mizoram. Since Mizoram is a hilly region, finding a safe parking area can be a major problem. This Maruti Suzuki 800 driver parks the hatchback perfectly on a platform of a roadside shop while the outer set of tyres are positioned on a thin metal railing. Any mistake while parking in such a way can result in a disaster where the car will need to be recovered.

There is another video from Punjab that even caught the eyes of Anand Mahindra. In this video, a platform is used to park and slide the Ford Figo in a safe place. There are many such videos on social media channels that show the innovating ways of parking your car in India.

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