World’s FIRST Toyota Innova-engine powered ‘automatic’ cafe racer motorcycle is here [Video]

Toyota Innova is a massively popular car in India and many international markets. In South-East Asian markets like Indonesia, the Innova is as popular as India and many well modified Toyota Innova vehicles can be found here. However, this Kinjang Innova, as it is called in the Indonesian market is powering a customised bike, and it looks insane.

Toyota Innova motorcycle

Bokor Custom, Indonesia has made the bike seen in the video here. It gets a handbuilt chassis, which is quite long and has a very long wheelbase. The customised motorcycle gets the Toyota Innova’s petrol engine mounted longitudinally to the frame of the bike. The most exciting part of this customised bike is the transmission. It gets the same 6-speed automatic transmission that is available with the Innova. Until now, most car engine-powered bikes offered an only manual transmission, but this is something different and unique.

The transmission can be seen sitting in the middle of the engine and the rear tyre. The final drive system is a chain-drive system in the car. The Toyota Innova petrol comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission. We can only imagine the amount of raw power propelling this custom motorcycle forward. Fitting a car engine in a bike is not an easy task. The extremely wide engine can be seen protruding from the side of the bike. Particular platforms and holders have been created to hold the batteries, and the air intake is placed on the side. There is no exhaust muffler on the bike, which makes it sound like a muscle car.

This is a cafe racer styled bike that gets a single seat. Even the body panels have been designed in-house and have been customised to fit on the motorcycle properly. It does not get a big headlamp or tail lamp. Instead, there is a single projector lamp placed in the front that acts like the headlamp and LED tail lamps, which cannot be spotted on the bike easily. The longish design of the bike makes it look like a cafe racer that has been modified for the drag races. It gets a fat slick tyre in the rear. Both the front and rear wheels get disc brake set-up to bring the bike to halt in emergencies. The engine also gets an electric starter, and there are buttons placed on the side to cut the fuel to the engine if things go out of hands. The engine’s radiator is also in place.

The bike gets an LCD console mounted on the tank. It shows a plethora of information including the RPM or the engine, the speed of the bike among other things. The 2.0-litre petrol engine that powers the Toyota Innova generates a maximum power of 137 Bhp and 183 Nm of peak torque. This puts the customised bike in the Superbike territory.

Back in India, there are quite a few homemade custom bikes that are powered by car engines, but none of them gets an automatic transmission like this one.