Toyota Innova Type 2 modified to Type 4 with exclusive Lexus kit

Toyota Innova is a very popular vehicle in Indian as well as other Asian markets. The main reason behind its popularity is the comfortable ride, space, reliability and low cost of maintenance. Toyota had discontinued Innova from market and had replaced it with an even more premium looking version Crysta in the market. Innova was also one of those vehicle which had lot of modification potential and some have even explored that possibility. We have seen several examples of modified Innova and Innova Crystas in the past. Here we have a video that shows how a Type 2 Innova Crysta was beautifully modified into Type 4 Innova with  Lexus kit.

The video has been shared by Autorounders on their youtube channel. The video starts by showing the footage of Innova when it had arrived at the garage. The video shows what all the modifications that are done to it. When Innova had come to the garage, it was in pretty rough condition. The colour had started to fade and the condition of the headlamp, tail lamp and interior was also bad. It had minor scratches at different part of the body and it was even missing a fog lamp.

Autorounders took the car to their garage and completely transformed it. The Tye 2 Innova was neatly converted into a Type 4 Innova. It was not just a simple conversion job as the Innova had received a modification job also. A Lexus kit was installed on the car to give it a premium look. Auto rounders say that the grille on the front of the Innova is quite unique as it was completely designed and customised by Autorounders only.

Toyota Innova Type 2 modified to Type 4 with exclusive Lexus kit

The kit looks pretty neat. The whole car was repainted in a paint booth to get a factory finish. The huge Lexus like grille at the front is a single unit and has been completely painted in gloss black. They have even managed to retain the original Toyota logo on the grille which is normally not seen on Lexus kit installed cars. The bumper has been redesigned as well. it gets LED fog lamps with gloss black inserts around it. The re is even a black coloured splitter installed on the lower part of the bumper.

Apart from that, the stock headlights have been replaced with aftermarket units. They projector LED units with LED DRLs integrated in it. Moving to the side profile, not many changes have been made to the Innova. The company fitted alloy wheels on the MPV have been replaced with aftermarket units. The alloy wheel also gets red highlights which go well with the front calipers that have been painted red.

Moving to the rear, the stock bumper has been replaced with a Lexus kit unit. It now gets a set of LED reflector lamps on it. Lower part of the bumper gets a diffuser finished in gloss black colour. The roof mounted spoiler has been painted black and the tail lamps are now all LED. Along with the exterior, interior of the car was also slightly modified. The old seat covers on the Innova were replaced with black upholstery with red accents on it. Overall, this modification has definitely enhanced the look of Innova and no one could easily recognise that it actually is a Type 2 Innova.