Toyota Innova hits & runs over a pedestrian in a BRUTAL crash; Caught on cam

A rather shocking video has surfaced on Youtube. The video clip shows a man mindlessly running on what seems to be a highway. He can be seen crossing a divider and coming in the path of a speeding Toyota Innova.

As can be made out from the screeching of tires, the Innova’s driver seems to have fully applied the brakes. However, the MPV must have been going really fast as it can be seen carrying a pretty high speed even when it hits the pedestrian. The impact of the collision was so strong that the pedestrian rolls on the road for a few metres.

That’s not all. What’s more horrifying is that the Innova ran over the pedestrian. It’s not known if the unfortunate pedestrian survived this crash or not. It’s also not clear if the driver of the Innova has been caught by the police. However, the video of this horrifying crash can give the chills to just about anyone.

The unfortunate pedestrian is clearly at fault here. He can be seen running across a highway without bothering about traffic. We do not know the cause of the hurry but the pedestrian should have been more mindful of the traffic. Even the driver of the Innova should have been a bit more careful.

This sad incident seems to have taken place in a semi-urban setting with some shops and residences built along the road. As we’ve said before, one should slow down while passing through a village or town. Moreover, it’s clear from the screeching sound that the driver of the Innova braked really hard to avoid a collision.

However, the Innova didn’t come to a halt even after the collision took place. In fact, the driver, probably shocked by the impact, continues driving and runs over the victim. So, basically, it’s not only the fault of the pedestrian but also that of the Innova’s driver, who not only seems to have been speeding but couldn’t control the vehicle after the collision. But most importantly, regardless of who’s fault it is, it’s the poor pedestrian who has been at the receiving end.

Via Shree Ganesha Namha on Youtube