A Closer Look At The Toyota Innova HyCross That Wants To Be A Alphard [Video]

toyota innova hycross with alphard kit

Today, we are going to cover a Toyota Innova Hycross which has been modified with a Toyota Alphard kit. The video is uploaded by Rajni Chaudhary and the MPV is modified by the Autorouders team in Mumbai. Now, let’s talk about the details of the modifications.

The video starts with a the cinematic shots of the interior of the vehicle. Some key additions can be noted straight away such as rear seat infotainment screens with ambient lighting and Rolls Royce inspired roof star light. The most attention grabbing thing is the galaxy design on the sunroof.

The color theme of the interior has been changed to tan and black. The host mentions that the kit includes three parts only which are the front chrome grille, front bumper and the rear skirting. The front big chrome grille which is inspired by the Alphard takes the show.

The host especially highlights the Alphard logo. He states that no other Alphard kit in India features this logo. Other changes to the MPV include 17-inch alloy wheels, auto footsteps and smoked connected taillights.

A Closer Look At The Toyota Innova HyCross That Wants To Be A Alphard [Video]

Regarding the legality, the host states that anything which requires changes on the registration certificate of the car is illegal until approved. No such modification has been done to this car which makes it totally legal.

Now let’s talk about the modifications done to the interior. Being the base variant, this car did not feature additional leg rests which have been added. The entire second row is now electrically operated and the controls for the same have been added to the roof. The host mentions that these are the original seats which have been motorized.

Other amenities in the second row include genuine Napa leather seats, retractable table and infotainment screens with Android Auto & Apple CarPlay. The major highlight in the interior is the Galaxy Skyroof which projects an entire galaxy on the sunroof of the car. Adding to the luxury are star lights inspired by Rolls Royce.

The host mentions that no changes have been made to the first row except the leather wrapping. As mentioned earlier, the theme of the car has been changed to Tan and Black from Brown and Black.

Regarding the price, the host mentions that the kit which has been installed in this car costs around Rs. 1 lakhs. He clarifies that this cost includes painting and installation. Alloy wheels costs and additional of Rs. 40,000. The side footsteps cost Rs. 50,000. A 360-degree camera setup and Garware PPF have also been added to the MPV. The host does not mention the price of 360-degree camera but the price for PPF starts at Rs. 1.25 lakhs.

Talking about the interior, he mentions that without the Napa leather the pricing for such interior starts at Rs. 50,000. However, this price may be increased to Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 3 lakhs depending on the materials you choose. He mentions that the car can be modified in any budget and according to the requirements of the owner.