Toyota Innova HyCross will have SUV stance, says new teaser

Bookings for the all-new Toyota Innova HyCross will commence from the 25th of November 2022. In the run up to launch, Toyota Kirloskar Motors Limited (TKML) has just released a video teaser showing the all-new Innova HyCross. Here, take a look.


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MPV or Crossover?

As the teaser indicates, the Innova HyCross will be more of a crossover than a MPV, and Toyota India has clearly hinted at an SUV stance for the new vehicle. In fact, this is a key reason why the new Toyota will be called the Innova HyCross, with the Cross denoting a crossover positioning for the vehicle. Ample ground clearance is likely and so is an aggressive-looking styling at the front and rear.

A leaked spyshot from last week does give us a fair picture of what to expect from the Toyota Innova HyCross in terms of styling. Wraparound headlamps, a prominent hexagonal grille, flared wheel arches and a hunkered stance beyond the C-Pillar are key highlights that will come together to give the HyCross the stance of a crossover. This is probably the reason why Toyota plans to continue selling the Innova Crysta in India, alongside the newer HyCross.

Toyota Innova HyCross will have SUV stance, says new teaser

The Innova Crysta, it seems, will be retained as an out-and-out MPV while the HyCross will bridge the space that currently exists between the Innova Crysta and the much more expensive Fortuner. In the process, many Innova Crysta buyers may shift to the HyCross but Toyota won’t mind it as long as they within the family. The HyCross could also attract a new crop of buyers who values refinement, reliability and durability – traits that Toyotas are famous for.

Strong Petrol Hybrid > Diesel

Along with these big selling points, the Toyota Innova HyCross will also benefit from best-in-class technology. A strong hybrid petrol engine that offers the refinement and instant pick up of a petrol engine with the exceptional fuel efficiency of a diesel will be one such aspect. An all-electric mode that will allow the HyCross to be used as an electric car for short distances will be another big plus.

Toyota Innova HyCross will have SUV stance, says new teaser

Best Innova, EVER!

The Innova HyCross will be a major departure from the Innova line-up. It’ll be the first vehicle with the Innova badge to use a monocoque chassis, dumping the ladder frame. This should make it far lighter, and car-like to drive. Another change is that the rear wheel drive layout will be swapped for a front wheel drive layout, making for better fuel efficiency.

There will be a slew of new features on offer as well. A panoramic sunroof – a feature never seen on an Innova before – will be offered on the HyCross. The HyCross will also be the first Toyota in India to offer an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). Clearly, there’s a lot to look forward to from the all-new Innova HyCross. Toyota will unveil this crossover in India on the 25th of November, 2022, followed by a launch at the 2023 Indian Auto Expo in early January.