Toyota Innova HyCross hybrid MPV officially teased ahead of unveil

The India-bound Toyota Innova HyCross hybrid has been officially teased in Indonesia – a market that loves MPVs. The Innova HyCross will be called Toyota Kijang Innova Zenix in the Indonesian car market, and will be marketed as a crossover. The official unveil is just around the corner.


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Apart from the official teaser, a CAD image of the MPV has also been leaked. The CAD image of the Innova HyCross indicates that it will look different from the existing Innova Crysta. Also, the CAD image indicates that the D-Pillar of the Innova HyCross to be much thicker than that of the Innova Crysta.

With the unveil just days away, expect more leaks in the days to come. The Innova HyCross is expected to be launched in India sometime early next year. The 2023 Auto Expo could be the big ticket event where the India-spec MPV is launched.

Toyota Innova HyCross hybrid MPV officially teased ahead of unveil

The Toyota Innova HyCross is tipped to use a 2 liter petrol strong hybrid engine. Toyota India is likely to take a petrol-only approach with the Innova HyCross, and this is a big departure for the Innova sub-brand, which has always favoured diesels so far. The petrol strong hybrid engine is expected to offer diesel-beating fuel efficiency, along with a dedicated all-electric mode for short city trips.

Toyota Innova HyCross hybrid MPV officially teased ahead of unveil

Power and torque outputs of the 2.0 liter petrol strong hybrid powertrain has yet to be revealed. We expect the petrol strong hybrid to make similar power as the 2.4 GD diesel – about 140 Bhp – while peak torque – about 400 Nm – could be much higher thanks to the electric motor. The Innova HyCross is expected to be much lighter than the Innova Crysta as the new model will dump the ladder frame chassis for a lighter monocoque chassis. The lightness should also help fuel efficiency, and make the new Innova HyCross quite peppy.

The Innova HyCross is likely to be front wheel driven with a CVT automatic gearbox as standard. Driving manners of the new MPV is expected to be much better than the Innova Crysta, and this include ride quality. The Innova badge has always been famed for excellent comfort over longer distances, and the HyCross is expected to set a new benchmark on this front. With an automatic gearbox and car-like driving manners, the upcoming Toyota Innova HyCross could be a huge hit among personal car buyers. Cabbies too will appreciate the easier drive thanks to the automatic gearbox, as long as fuel efficiency remains high.

What happens to the Innova Crysta?

Initially, Toyota may choose to retain the Innova Crysta, selling the MPV mainly to commercial buyers. The Innova HyCross could be positioned at a premium, and targeted at family car buyers who want a comfortable, car-like people mover. Over time, the HyCross is likely to fully replace the Innova Crysta as Toyota looks to carve out a petrol-hybrid future in the Indian market, completely steering away from diesel engines.