Toyota Innova Hycross Owner Gives It 8/10; Ownership Experience After 25k Kilometers

Hycross ownership experience

Toyota launched the all-new Innova Hycross MPV in the Indian market in 2022. Since then, the MPV has had a long waiting period. Like other Toyota products, customers are attracted to the new Innova Hycross for its decent number of features, reliability, and low running costs. Even today, this MPV has a waiting period of almost 6 months for the regular petrol variant and 13 months for the strong hybrid variant. We have come across several ownership review videos of the Toyota Hycross on the internet. Here we have a video where an MPV owner shares his experience with the Hycross after completing 25,000 km in just 5 months.

The video has been shared by Baiju N Nair on his YouTube channel. In this video, the presenter speaks to several car owners about their experience with the vehicle. The Toyota Innova Hycross seen here belongs to one such customer. The customer shares both positives and negatives about the vehicle.

Low Profile Tyres

One of the first issues that the customer faced with the Toyota Innova Hycross was the tyres. The MPV came with low-profile tyres from the factory. While these tyres look good, they do not offer great comfort. The owner can be heard saying that he used to feel even the smallest pothole when he was using the low-profile tyres. The owner, who runs a business related to tyres, says that he replaced the stock tyres with a bit thicker profile ones for a better experience.

Weak Headlights

With the new generation Hycross, Toyota has completely changed the front fascia, and the headlights are now a lot sleeker than before. The owner mentions that the performance of the headlights and fog lamps is not very great. The customer is actually from Idukki, which is a mountainous region in Kerala. The weak headlamps are a problem while driving through thick fog at night. The owner also mentions that the fog lamps are also of no use.

To solve this issue, the owner got two auxiliary lamps installed on the front grille. He mentions that the MVD has stopped him a couple of times, but he has told them about his situation and they have only asked him to relocate the lights below the headlamp level and also cover the lights when they are not in use.


Toyota Innova Hycross Owner Gives It 8/10; Ownership Experience After 25k Kilometers
Hycross ownership experience

The owner also owns a Ford Endeavour 3.2, and when he compares it with the Endeavour, he feels the Innova is a bit less powerful. However, he really likes the new Hycross when compared to the new as it offers more space, convenience features, and also power. He is happy with the strong hybrid system in the car and he mentions that he never felt there is a lag or loss of power while driving it on windy mountain roads.


The owner mentions that he uses the car on a daily basis and does Kochi to Bengaluru frequently. On a full tank of petrol, the car has returned him around 18 kmpl which includes both city and highway conditions. The owner mentions that when he travels to Idukki, the car has even returned him around 21-22 kmpl as while returning the car is mostly driving downhill. After considering all these factors, he decided to give his Hycross 8 points out of 10.