Toyota Innova gets ROYALLY stuck while crossing a mountain stream: Mahindra Bolero rescues it [Video]

Toyota Innova is one of the most popular MPVs sold in India, it is popular among buyers because of it is comfortable, spacious and reliable. It is also very easy on pocket when it comes to maintenance. That is one of the reason why we see a lot of Innovas in the commercial market. Sadly though, the Innova is only a 2WD vehicles and that makes it difficult for the vehicle to get out of some tricky situation at times. Here we have video that shows a older generation Toyota Innova stuck on a mountain road in the middle of a stream.

The video has been uplaoded by Mountain Goat 4WD TV on their youtube channel. The video starts by showing an older generation Toyota Innova stuck in the middle of a stream on a mountain road while trying to cross it. The MPV had beached and the rear wheel go stuck in the rocks and could not move any further. The occupants in the car were safely brought out as it is very risky and these streams are very unpredictable. The Innova was getting more stuck in the stream and the water had started getting inside as the flow had increased.

As mountain roads are narrow, if one vehicles faces an issue anywhere on the road, it creates a huge traffic jam. The rescue team had come and tried pulling out the car with a tow rope but the car was buried inside the rocks and was sliding too. The rescue team then started placing rocks around the car to give it some grip when it comes out and even pulled it with a Mahindra Bolero pickup to finally correct the position.

Toyota Innova gets ROYALLY stuck while crossing a mountain stream: Mahindra Bolero rescues it [Video]

Locals had also come in to help the Innova driver along with the rescue team and after 14 hours of hard work the Innova was finally out. The Innova is not a 4 wheel drive vehicle and is not made for such extreme places. As the power only goes to two wheels, the chances of a car getting stuck in such conditions are very high.

If you are travelling in a two wheel drive car to any such location, it is always recommended to go in a group so that even if something goes wrong, others from the group can help. Another thing to be kept in mind while travelling to such places is to keep the right equipment. The car must have a tow rope. While pulling out a vehicle it is advisable to place a blanket over the rope to avoid any accident if in case the rope breaks.

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