Toyota Innova stuck in a Ladakh swamp rescued by two Maruti Suzuki Gypsy SUVs

Exploring the beautiful Himalayan range has its own challenges. While there are many tarred roads in the high altitudes of the Himalayan range in India, there are still many places that remain a challenge for the regular 2WD vehicles. Often such difficult-to-reach places are the most exotic ones, which is why many try to reach such places and get stuck. Here is one such Toyota Innova that is royally stuck in the sandy terrain of the high mountain range.

Two Gypsy used for rescue

The exact location of the stuck Innova is not known but it looks somewhere near a lake, which has caused the terrain around to become like a swamp. Innova being a rear wheel drive vehicle must have entered the swamp area unknowingly and must have got stuck in there. By looking at the situation of the Innova, it seems like that the driver must have tried to get out of the situation, which has caused the vehicle to get stuck even more in the sandy terrain.

A Maruti Suzuki Gypsy, a capable 4X4 SUV can be seen attempting to rescue the Innova at first. After tying the rear of the Innova to the Gypsy’s rear, a few people clear the way for the rear tyre by removing sand. However, after multiple attempts, the Gypsy failed to rescue the Innova out of the swamp. It looks like Innova’s tyres do not have any traction that could help with the rescue.

Toyota Innova stuck in a Ladakh swamp rescued by two Maruti Suzuki Gypsy SUVs

Later, a second Maruti Suzuki Gypsy joins the rescue mission. The Innova is badly stuck in the swamp as only half of the tyre of the vehicle is visible. Even the underbody of the Innova seems to have beached out, which is making the recovery process quite a task. However, the locals keep on digging the sand to make the way clear for the Innova and ensure that the rear tyre gets a clear way when the Gypsy SUVs start to pull out the vehicle.

Soon, both the Gypsy SUVs get hooked to the Innova’s rear. After clearing the sand from the rear of the tyre of the Innova, both the Gypsy try to get the vehicle out of the swamp. It took the power of two Gypsy SUVs to bring the Innova out of the situation, which tells a lot about the gravity of the problem.

Getting Stuck

The terrains of the mountains can be tricky and one needs to be extra careful while going through it, especially if it is a secluded region. Even if you’re in a 4X4 vehicle, always make sure that you keep clear of any tricky situation. Getting stuck in the mountains when alone can be dangerous.

In the high mountain passes or regions near the border, the population remains thin, which is why calling for help can go fruitless. When venturing in such remote areas, one should always be aware of the capabilities of the vehicle and carry necessary equipment that can be used in the rescue process.

Also, having another vehicle in the group when venturing to such areas really helps in the recovery process or go out to ask for help,