Toyota Innova modified into a dark edition [Video]

Toyota Innova is one of the most popular MPV in the Indian market. You can still find many Type 1 Toyota Innovas that are running on our Indian roads. However, because of being on the roads for so much time, the exterior does get damaged. So, many people opt to get their vehicles repainted. Here, we have a video in which a Type 3 Innova has been converted to a Type 4 and it has been finished in a dark black paint scheme.

The video is uploaded on YouTube by Autorounders and the modification is also done by them only. The video starts by showing the condition of the Innova. The person says that the bonnet of the MPV has been bent and has already been repaired. The same is true for the fenders and rooftop also. Surprisingly, the steering wheel is also bent. The owners want to redo the exterior as well as the interior of the Innova.

Black is the theme of the MPV. The owner wants the exterior and the interior to be black along with a galaxy starlight headliner. The owner is modifying the Innova because he will be using it in a family marriage. The modification shop will also convert it from Type 3 to Type 4.

Toyota Innova modified into a dark edition [Video]
Before modification

On further inspection, the mechanics find out that the chassis from the front left side is also bent. This happened because a truck hit the Innova. The first step to modifying the MPV is to remove the front bumper and grille, then the headlights were removed. The outside rearview mirrors and the windshield wipers were also removed.

Then the front fenders, bonnet, tail lamps and the rear bumper were removed. A sanding procedure was done to the car. The car was then primed for a paint job. As mentioned above, the MPV was finished in deep black colour and the car was then waxed. Then the seat covers were installed.

Toyota Innova modified into a dark edition [Video]

The Innova now gets a new headlamp setup that has LEDs, projector units and even sequential turn indicators. All the chrome from the exterior has now been deleted. There are new alloy wheels on the die, they are also finished in black just like the rest of the car. The black colour that is used here is called BMW Black Saphire. The shop has also fitted new tail lamps that are also LED units. At the rear, also all the chrome has been removed.

Toyota Innova modified into a dark edition [Video]

Then the host moves to the interior. We can see the new quilted seat covers which are made up of suede leather so it is quite soft. There is ambient lighting and a star light roof liner which is originally found on Rolls Royce. A new touchscreen infotainment system has also been installed. The door pads are also now finished in piano black with sparkles.

Toyota Innova modified into a dark edition [Video]

Overall, the modification shop did a good job as the Innova now looks fresh and has a hint of sportiness. The owner also looks very happy as the delivery of the vehicle happened in a timely manner and the shop gave updates on every process to the customer.

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