Toyota Innova gets a comfort boost with RaceConcepts’ comfort suspension

Toyota Innova has been one of the most popular MPV in hte country. It has been present in the country for over 15 years and now we have the more updated and feature loaded Innova Crysta in our market. Innova Crysta has been famous among customers for its reliable engine, spacious interior and low cost of maintenance. Just like any other product, Innova Crysta also has some drawbacks. Some of the main negatives of Toyota Innova Crysta are that it rides a bit too soft, has a lot of body roll and there is also an undesired movement while braking, cornering and accelerating.

All these issues  mainly exist in Toyota Innova Crysta because of its soft suspension. Here we have an Innova Crysta that gets a fully adjustable comfortable coil overs from Race Concepts that improves all the issues that are mentioned above. The video has been uploaded by Race Concepts on their youtube channel. The video starts by mentioning all the drawback of Innova Crysta’s stock suspension.

Race Concept had installed the fully adjustable suspension seet up in the test car and the result were pretty good. The car feels a bit more agile than before and the main noticeable change is the braking part. After installing the new suspension set up, the car dives very less while braking and the body roll has also been reduced. The handling also feels a bit more sharper than before which improves the overall driving experience. The car feels a lot more planted and does not compromise on the comfort factor on the inside.

Toyota Innova gets a comfort boost with RaceConcepts’ comfort suspension

The video then shows body roll test, braking and accelerating test to show how much the handling of the car has improved. The difference was very visible on video as it had considerably less amount of body roll and dive while swerving and braking. It has also improved the high speed stability especially while cornering.

This new suspension setup that is installed in Innova Crysta as mentioned above is fully adjustable and can be easily adjusted without even having to jack the car. It can be adjusted 60 mm below stock or 10 mm above stock suspension setting. Components used in this setup are of Motorsport grade and all he components are serviceable or repairable and never needs replacement.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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