Toyota Innova restored and painted in AMG GTR Green shade looks unique [Video]

Toyota Innova is one of the most popular MPVs available in Indian market. Although Toyota does not sell brand Innova anymore in the market, there is still a demand for this car in the used car market. There are several type 1 Innova MPVs in the market that have lakh km on their odometer and are still running around without any major issues. Many Innova owners are now actually restoring or customising the exterior and interior of their vehicle to give it a fresh look. Here we have one such video where a type 2 Innova has been neatly restored and customised in AMG GTR Green shade.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger talks about the modifications that have been done to this particular Innova. The owner of this Innova wanted to have a Green paint job as he loves the colour and is nature lover. The whole car was repainted in the Mercedes-Benz Green colour. The front grille, headlamps and the bumper on this Toyota Innova has been replaced.

The car now gets aftermarket projector LED headlamps with dual function LED DRLs. The front grille has been replaced and so is the bumper. There are chrome garnishes on the bumper and the fog lamps are LED units too. Coming to the side profile, the car gets aftermarket dual tone alloy wheels. The video does not show the condition of the car when it had arrived at the workshop but it looks like all the dents and scratches on the car were corrected before repainting the whole car. The Green colour is looking different on the Innova and will definitely turn a lot of heads on the road.

Toyota Innova restored and painted in AMG GTR Green shade looks unique [Video]

At the rear, the Innova retains the stock type 4 tail lamps with chrome garnish on the boot and new bumper. The roof mounted spoiler has also been finished in Green. As mentioned above, the Green paint job on this Innova was the idea of the owner. He wanted a similar theme for his interior as well. This was a lot more challenging as Green is not a shade that people generally prefer for interiors. After doing extensive research Autorounders finalised a Deep Green shade which was going well with the ice grey coloured plastic panels.

The original seat covers on this Innova has been replaced with custom fit leather upholstery in Deep Green or Emerald Green shade. The Green colour looks elegant with the Ice grey coloured interiors. The upper portion of the dashboard has also been finished in green colour which goes well with the overall theme of the car. There are 7D floor mats and even the steering wheel, gear lever and the handbrake have also been wrapped in similar coloured material. The stock music system from Toyota Innova has been replaced with an aftermarket touchscreen infotainment system. The screen also shows feed from the reverse parking camera. With all these customisations in place, the Innova looks different from other that we normally see on the road.

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