Someone tried to park a long sedan on the same spot as the Innova & FAILED spectacularly [Video]

Only after a few days of becoming viral, the driver who parked the Innova at an extremely tight spot said that he has an experience of driving on extreme terrains and he also drove a long 12.5-metre bus, which gave him the confidence to drive smaller vehicles with such confidence. The parking spot in Kerala has become quite popular and people are now trying to park their own vehicle at the tight spot while pedestrians gather to look at the attempt. Here is such an attempt by a sedan drive who tried parking on the same spot but failed.

The video seems to be taken from the same spot as the Innova. The video shows a black sedan driver trying to park his vehicle on the small ramp on the side of the road. There are many onlookers who can be seen just standing around and waiting to see what happened.

The sedan driver tries entering the spot while driving forward and after a few attempts he gave up. It is not known if more people tried parking their vehicles at the same spot yet but since the spot has become quite popular, we are sure that there will be many who will try to park here.

Someone tried to park a long sedan on the same spot as the Innova & FAILED spectacularly [Video]

Parallel parking is a necessary skill set that any new driver needs to acquire before getting a driving license in many foreign countries. One needs to learn parallel parking in India to get a Driving License too but since most test centres do not conduct such tests and most applicants do not even give any kind of test before getting a driving license, parallel parking remains an elusive skill among the most Indian motorists.

The correct way to parallel park is to reverse into the spot. Reversing into the spot gives more control over the vehicle and you can fine-tune the position of the vehicle while checking on the ORVMs. It is something that requires practice.

To park parallel in a parking spot, the driver must be aware of the size of the vehicle and stop it in a way that the vehicle can be eased into the spot without any help. Yes, most experienced car drivers can just park the vehicle without any need of assistance like parking sensors, rear parking camera, and guidelines. However, these assistance features sure to make parking the vehicle easier. There is a video that shows the same Innova getting parked at the same spot. Even the Innova driver parks the vehicle in the reverse.

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