Toyota Innova that’s done 8 lakh kms looks, and feels brand new! [Video]

Toyota Innova has always been very popular MPV among Indians. It has served on Indian roads as both private and commercial vehicle for years. Over the years, Toyota updated Innova and launched new generations of the MPV. While there is a good demand for Innova Crysta and Innova Hycross in the market, there are many customers who still like the first generation Innova MPVs. Even today there are many who still use the first generation Innova without any major issues. The Toyota Innova even has great resale value for its reliability, ride comfort and the low cost of maintenance. Here we have a video of a Toyota Innova MPV that has done over 8 lakh kms and is still going strong.

The video has been shared by Safari Cars by Anfal on his YouTube channel. The video presenter is actually a used car dealer and he comes up with videos whenever he comes across a different or unique vehicle. In this video, he came with a Toyota Innova that he bought for sale. This is a 2012 model Toyota Innova which was used by a company for all these years. The best part about this car is the odometer readings. The car has done over 8 lakh kms and it still feels like new.

The video mentions that the owner or the company who owned this vehicle was using this particular car as a taxi and it was being regularly serviced at the Toyota service centre. He also mentions that this is a great car as the driver has maintained the vehicle very well. It is not clear whether the car was driven by a single driver all these years or not. He mentions that after buying the car, he drove it for almost 15,000 km and it has not shown any signs of an issue.

Toyota Innova that’s done 8 lakh kms looks, and feels brand new! [Video]
Toyota Innova that has done 8 lakh km

The car still drives like new. As this vehicle is bought for resale, the dealership has done minor changes to the car like install a chrome grille at the front. Fog lamps and also body grpahics. The rear tail lamps are LED units. The seller mentions that the car has 16 inch alloy wheels in the video but, the buyer won’t be getting those as they are installed just for video purposes. Coming back to the Innova, as this car was being used a taxi vehicle. keeping the interior clean was very important. The driver ensured that the cabin looks very clean for a better experience to his clients. The only change the used car dealership has done in this car is installing a touchscreen infotainment system. Everything else about this car remains stock.

He mentions that the car has a proper service history at Toyota service centre. The driver or the owner used to take the car for proper service every 10,000 km. The car does not have any accidental history too. The car looks extremely neat on the outside and inside. The door panels also gets a hydro dipped portion for a premium look. The seller does not mention the price of this 2012 model Innova. He however mentions that it is available for sale and the only reason why he featured it in the video is because of its condition.