Toyota Innova type 1 converted to type 4 with Alphard grille looks premium [Video]

Toyota Innova is an MPV that has a large fanbase. The MPV has been popular in both commercial and private segment and recently manufacturer opened bookings for the next-gen Innova too. Innova name has been present in the market for around 15 years and the popularity does not seem to come down. It is because, Innova is extremely reliable, offers a comfortable ride and is less expensive to maintain too. We have seen several videos where first gen Innova owners are customising the MPV to get a fresh look. Here we have one such type 1 Innova that has been neatly converted into type 4 model.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. When the Innova arrives at the workshop, it is not in a great condition. There are panels that have started to rust and many of them have dents on them. The paint has also started to dull and that is making the car look even older. The type 1 Innova was beinf converted to type 4 but, there were some elements which were giving it a distinct look than a regular type 4. They start by working on the dents. They remove the body panels like bonnet, grille, headlamps, fenders and bumpers.

The team marks all the dents and starts removing paint from those panels. Once this was done, a dent puller machine was used to fix the dents and a thin coat of putty was applied on the panels to achieve an even finish. The door pads on this MPV were all removed as the interior was also getting customised. The original paint on the Innova was completely removed and the whole car got a coat of putty. Excess putty was then removed using a sander and after this the car was taken to the paint booth.

Toyota Innova type 1 converted to type 4 with Alphard grille looks premium [Video]

A dark shade primer was applied on the whole car. Once the primer had dried, they applied the paint and clear coat was also applied on it. Painting a car in the booth allows them to achieve factory finish. The owner had opted for Garnet Red shade which was looking elegant on the Innova. Once the paint had dried, final touches for the exterior was done. The Alphard grille, aftermarket projector headlamps and LED tail lamps were installed. The stock steel rims on this MPV were replaced with an aftermarket dual-tone alloy wheel.

The interior of this Innova gets Ice Grey and black dual-tone interior. The stock door pads on this Innova were taken down and replaced with custom made units. They have ambient lights integrated into them and they look premium. There are leather wrapped sections and the old steering wheel has been replaced with an Innova Crysta steering. As this was an old Innova, it never came with a touchscreen infotainment system. The workshop installed an aftermarket infotainment system and 360 degree camera was also installed. The dashboard and all the plastic panels have been painted. The seats are all wrapped in custom made leather seat covers. The finished product looks premium.