Toyota Innova Type 1 converted to Type 4 on video

Toyota Innova is one of the best selling MPV in the Indian market. It has been a big hit for the manufacturer since it was first launched. There are still many old Innovas that you would find on our Indian roads. This is because they have a really long life span, we have even seen them do more than 10 lakh kilometres. Here, we have a Toyota Innova Type 1 that has been converted to Type 4.

The video is uploaded on YouTube by Autorounders and they are the ones who did the modification. The video starts by showing the condition of the MPV. There are some scratches and wear and tear on the body of the MPV. The host says that the bumpers, front fenders, outside rearview mirrors and rear bumpers will be changed. The headlamps and tail lamps will not be taken from the Type 4 Innova because the owner wants a projector setup for the headlamps and an LED setup for tail lamps.

The process starts by removing the front grille, bumper, headlamps and the front fenders. Then the rear tail lamps and bumper is removed. The outside rearview mirrors are also removed. Some minor scratches and dents are removed. New front fenders are fitted then and sanding of the exterior is done. A primer coat is done to prepare the car for repainting. Then the car is sprayed with a dark burgundy colour. New bumpers are fitted to the vehicle. Wax coating is done to give shine to the exterior.

Toyota Innova Type 1 converted to Type 4 on video

There are new LED headlamps with LED Daytime Running Lamps fitted. They now have a projector setup. Even the door panels are upgraded and new LED tail lamps are fitted. A chrome garnish on the doors is fitted. The interior is now finished in a black and white scheme instead of black and beige. On the sides, diamond-cut alloy wheels are fitted also. The brake calipers are painted red. The seat covers are also new and are finished in white and they get a quilted pattern. The stock MP3 player is replaced with an after-market Android-based unit. The shop has also installed curtains and 7D mats.

The video does not share the cost of the modification and restoration. But the owner seems very happy with the result. They say that they were not expecting that Innova will look so good. After the overhaul, the Innova does look fresh and new.

Toyota Innova Type 1 converted to Type 4 on video

Toyota working on new-gen Innova

Toyota is already working on a new generation of Innova. It will no longer be based on a ladder-frame chassis. Instead, it will use a monocoque chassis. Moreover, it will be a front-wheel drive vehicle instead of a rear-wheel drive like the current generation is. There is a high possibility that the current Innova Crysta stays on sale even after the new-gen Innova is used. Toyota will call the new-gen Innova Hycross as per the trademark registered by them.

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