Toyota Innova type 1 neatly modified into type 4 model [Video]

Toyota recently unveiled the Innova Hycross in India. The bookings for the same have started and the official price announcement and deliveries for the Hycross would start in January next year. Although Innova is launching the new generation Innova Hycross, there is still a large fanbase for the first generation Innova. As we know, they are extremely reliable and are easy on your pocket when it comes to maintenance. We have seen many type 1 Innova owners who are still using the car but, the car has started looking old in terms of looks. The solution to such Innova owners is customisation where they can convert their old Innova to type 2 or even type 4 and make it look new.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel and here we have one such Toyota Innova. The owner of this Innova drove from Madhya Pradesh to Mumbai to get his type 1 Innova converted to type 4. Along with the exterior, he was getting the interiors customised too. When the car came to the garage, it was not in a great condition. The car had several scratches and dents on the panels. The stock paint had also started to fade which was making the car look even more older.

The team started working on the car and as part of the conversion, they removed the stock grille, headlamps, fenders, bonnet and bumper. Both front and rear bumper on this Innova was removed. Once these panels were removed, the team fitted type 4 fenders, grille, bonnet and bumper. Once the new panels were in place, they worked on the dents. The paint was removed fromt he marker portions and then they fixed the dents using a dent puller machine. Paint was removed from the whole car before applying a thin coat of putty.

Toyota Innova type 1 neatly modified into type 4 model [Video]

This was done inorder to get the character lines clean and get an even finish to the body. Excess putty was later removed using a sander and once that was done, the whole car was washed before applying primer. Once the primer had dried out, they took the car to paint booth and completely painted the car in solid white shade. The owner did not want any chrome elements in his Innova so, the grille, Toyota badge and even the lower window garnish were all painted in gloss black.

The whole car was painted in Solid white shade and that along with gloss black elements were giving it a sporty look. The stock headlamps were replaced with aftermarket LED units and the fog lamps are projectors too. Similarly the tail lamps are also aftermarket LED units. The steel rims on the car have been replaced with all black 16 inch aftermarket units. This completes the exterior look of the Innova.

On the inside, the owner opted for a dark tan and black dual-tone theme for the interiors. The fabric seat covers were all removed and wrapped with custom made seat covers. The roof liner is completely black. The dashboard, center console and the door pads have all been finished in black and they are going well with the tan colour on the seats. The steering wheel is wrapped in leather and there is an aftermarket touchscreen infotainment system installed in the car as well. With floor mats and other customisation, the Innova looks brand new and it does not look like a type 1 Innova at all.