Toyota Innova: Type 1 beautifully modified into a Type 4 model

Toyota Innova is one of those MPVs which has a large fan following in India. It is an MPV which is popular among buyers for its comfortable ride, reliability and low cost of maintenance. Toyota had launched Innova in Indian over a decade ago and ever since then, it has been a popular MPV in the segment.

Over the years, Toyota made some changes to the MPV and launched Innova Crysta which looks a lot more premium than regular Innova. The Innova is actually so reliable that, even today people are using the type 1 Innovas in India. Here we have one such Type 1 Innova that has been beautifully modified into a Type 4 version.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. The video shows how the car looked when it had arrived at the workshop and then shows what all modifications were made and then shows the finished product. The Type 1 Toyota Innova that had arrived at the workshop actually was in good condition. It did not have any major dents except one towards the rear. The vlogger mentions that, they have dent pullers and they will be correcting it before doing any other work.

As part of the conversion and modification, Autorounders had replaced over 18-20 panels on the outside. Starting with the front, the stock headlamps were replaced for aftermarket dual projector LED headlamps with integrated LED DRLs and turn indicators. The front grille is a bit more wider than the Type 1 Innova. There is a chrome garnish on it which gives it a premium look. Coming down, the bumpers have also been replaced with a Type 4 unit. Even the bumper gets a chrome garnish around the fog lamps and lower portion.

Toyota Innova: Type 1 beautifully modified into a Type 4 model

The bonnet and the side fender on this Type 1 Innova were also replaced with a Type 4 unit. Moving to the side profile, the car gets Toyota Innova’s original alloy wheels. There is a chrome garnish on the lower part of the door as well. As we move towards the rear, some changes have been made here as well. The original tail lamp has been replaced with a Type 4 unit. There is a chrome applique running between the tail lights and the bumper has also been replaced.

The original colour on the this Toyota Innova when it had arrived at the garage was grey. Autorounders completely repainted the car in a paint booth in pearl white shade and this gives it a much more premium look. On the inside, the cabin gets a black and beige treatment. The seat covers were custom made unit and get a design that the customer actually suggested. The door pads also get beige colour door pads and the steering wheel in all wrapped in leather.

Just like the exterior, the customisation on the inside gives it a premium look as well. It gets an aftermarket touchscreen infotainment screen which also shows feed from the rear view parking camera. Overall, the work done on this Innova looks pretty neat and the finished product looks like a brand new Innova that had rolled out of the production line.