Toyota Innova Type 2 neatly modified to look like type 4 [video]

Toyota Innova MPVs have been present in the Indian market for a very long time. Even today, you would find several first generation Innovas plying on Indian roads without any issue. They may look old but, the car would be mechanically fine as Innovas are known to be extremely reliable. For those owners who are bored with the way their car has been looking, there are several aftermarket options that convert the overall look and interiors of the car to give it a new look. We have featured similar projects on our website in the past and here we have one such video where a type 2 Toyota Innova has been neatly modified to look like type 4.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. In this video, the owner of this Innova drove all the way from Bangalore to Pune to get his car customised. The type 2 Innova in white shade was looking pretty old. The body panels had lost their shine and the paint had also started to fade away. The team started working on the car and first they did was removing the front grille, bumper, bonnet, fenders and headlamps. Once they removed all these panels, they started working on the dents. The marked areas were all sanded the team fixed the dents. They then applied a thin coat of putty across the panels to achieve an even look. They excess putty was removed using a sander.

Once the dents were fixed, the originals paint on the Innova was all sanded away. The newly installed type 4 bonnet, bumper and fenders had minor dents and they were all fixed as part of the process. Once all the dents were fixed, the car got a coat of primer applied on the whole car. The owner did not opt for a different colour so, the car was painted in the pearl white shade as before. After the primer dried out, the car was taken to the paint booth and the doors, bonnets, bumpers were all removed from the car to be painted individually. This helps in achieving a factory finish to the car while painting.

Toyota Innova Type 2 neatly modified to look like type 4

The glass and the doors were all masked and the trained professionals neatly painted the car in the paint booth. Clear coat was also applied on the car for a glossy finish. While the exterior work was being done, the interior of the Innova was also being customised. The old seat covers were all removed and replaced with new custom made leather seat covers. The plastic panels in the cabin and dashboard were all repainted to give it a fresh look. The door pads and the dashboard gets ambient lights installed and the door pads are also wrapped in leather.

The steering wheel on this Innova has also been replaced with a unit seen on new models on Innova. There are floor mats and illuminated scuff plates installed on this car. The headlamps and tail lamps are stock type 4 units and they wheels are also stock steel rims with wheel caps. The finished product was looking very neat and was looking like a brand new Innova from every angle.