Toyota Innova type 3 modified to type 4 along with customised interior looks premium [Video]

Toyota has now unveiled the next generation Innova in the market. It would go on sale in Indian market next year. Toyota Innova has created a space for itself in the market and there is still a huge demand for older generation Innova MPVs. Toyota Innova is known for its reliablity, comfortable ride and low cost of maintenance. There are several examples of Toyota Innova MPVs that have completed lakhs of kilometers on odometer and are still being used without any major issues. There are several modification options available for Innova MPVs in the market. Here we have a video that converts a type 3 Innova to type 4 and also customises the interior.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. In this video, the owner of the MPV brought the vehicle to the workshop for modification. The MPV was in decent shape but, the paint had started to fade and there were minor scratches and dents on the car. The team started working on the vehicle. As it was a type 3 Innova, conversion to type 4 was easier. The front grille and the bumper were removed and rest of the team started working on the dents.

They marked the portions with dents and removed paint and fixed them using a dent puller machine. Once the dents were fixed, a thin coat putty was applied on the panels to achieve an even finish. After the putty had dried out, the excess putty was removed using a sander. After this, the sander was used to remove the original paint of the car. The car was cleaned and painted with primer for protection of the panels. After this, the car is taken to the paint booth. The front and rear bumper of type 4 Innova have already been installed on the MPV.

Toyota Innova type 3 modified to type 4 along with customised interior looks premium [Video]

The car is completely painted in a silver shade. This is the same shade that Toyota offers with Innova Crysta. A layer of clear coat was also sprayed on to the car to achieve the gloss finish. As mentioned above, the owner also opted for interior customisation, so the beige coloured stock interior on this MPV was customised to black and ice grey theme. The dashboard was all finished in black and the steering wheel was wrapped in leather too. The seats now get custom made dual-tone leatherette upholstery and a baby seat between the captain seats was also installed. There are 7d floor mats, aftermarket touchscreen infotainment system, ambient lights and so on. The stock headlamps and tail lamps on this MPV were also replaced with aftermarket LED units. The stock steel rims on the Innova were replaced with alloy wheels that are used on Innova Crysta. The finished product was looking premium and neat. The quality of work done on this vehicle is very evident in the video. The Innova now looks like a brand new MPV right from the production line. The Innova looks premium from the outside and because of the revamped interior, the car looks premium on the inside too