Toyota Innova modified with Lexus Kit looks gorgeous

Toyota Innova is the best selling MPV in the Indian market since it was first introduced. Because it is so popular people also customize them so that their Innova looks different from other Innova. Many after-market manufacturers came with their own customized parts for the Innova. Here we have a Type 2 Innova that has been modified to look like Type 4 Innova. The customization shop in the video is also using the Lexus Kit on the Innova.

The modification has been done by Autorounders and the video has been uploaded on their YouTube channel. In the video first, we can see the original condition of the Innova. The red colour of the Innova has faded and we can see that the headlights have also started to fade. The exterior is in rough condition with a lot of scratches. The video also shows what all modifications have been done by the modification shop.

First, the vehicle was repainted in the paint booth. The colour was not changed so the Innova is still finished in red colour. The first thing you would notice is the huge grille inspired by Lexus. It is painted in glossy black colour with the Toyota logo. The host says that this Lexus grille is exclusive to them as it is made in house by their team.  The stock headlamps have been replaced with after-market headlamps that come with dual projector setup and an LED Daytime Running Lamp.

The front bumper had also been redesigned with larger foglamp housing finished in glossy black. There is also a front lip installed on the bumper and it also gets LED fog lamps. On the side, the shop replaced the stock alloy wheels with new after-market ones. The alloy wheels come with red accents in them. They also painted the brake callipers red so that the MPV looks more aggressive and the colour matches the paint of the MPV. They also installed side steps so that it is easier for the occupants to get inside or get out of the vehicle.

At the rear, there is a different bumper that is inspired by Lexus. The bumper itself is finished in gloss black. The shop has also installed an aftermarket set of LED tail lamps. The rear spoiler is now also finished in black. The interior gets new black seat covers with red piping and diamond stitching. The same combination has been used on the door pads as well. One thing that we noticed is that the MPV shop has not installed the front numberplate holder. So, the look might get spoiled once there is a number plate in the centre of the huge grille.

Overall, the modification does look nice and makes the Innova look modern and premium. It enhances the road presence of the Innova and helps in differentiating it from other Innovas. Toyota has now discontinued the Innova. Instead, they launched the Innova Crysta which is a more premium and modern version of the Innova. The Innova Crysta starts at Rs. 16.65 lakhs ex-showroom.