Toyota stops deliveries of Innova Crysta, Fortuner and Hilux due to diesel engine testing problems

Toyota halts deliveries of Hilux, fortuner, and crysta

The Japanese automotive giant, Toyota Motor Corporation’s Indian subsidiary, Toyota Kirloskar Motor, has temporarily halted deliveries of its popular models. These models include the Fortuner, Hilux, and Innova Crysta. This decision, according to the company, has come in the wake of irregularities discovered during the certification tests of the diesel engines that power these above-stated models. As of yet, the company has not revealed when this issue will be resolved.

Toyota stops deliveries of Innova Crysta, Fortuner and Hilux due to diesel engine testing problems

Irregularities in Certification Testing

As per the reports from Autocar India, Toyota Motor Corporation commissioned Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) to develop the diesel engines that have come under scrutiny. It was reported that TICO, through a special investigation committee, found several irregularities in the engine during the horsepower output certification testing process. The issue, as per the reports, has stemmed from the use of electronic control units (ECU) with different software during certification tests compared to mass production. This unique software aimed to present smoother results with less variation.

Models Affected

Toyota stops deliveries of Innova Crysta, Fortuner and Hilux due to diesel engine testing problems

As of yet, it has been stated that these irregularities have affected ten models globally. As for the models that have suffered in India, they are the popular vehicles including Innova Crysta, Fortuner, and Hilux, which account for nearly one-third of Toyota Kirloskar’s total sales in India. Now, while Toyota has reassured its customers that the irregularities do not compromise emissions or safety, the decision to temporarily suspend deliveries has been made to address concerns and maintain transparency.

Clarification from Toyota Kirloskar

The irregularities, as explained by a Toyota Kirloskar spokesperson, relate to the ‘smoothing’ of power and torque curves during certification testing. It is important to note that there were no overstatements or over-claims on horsepower, torque, or any other powertrain-related values, stated Toyota Kirloskar Motors. The company has emphasized that customer safety remains a top priority, and the irregularities will not impact the performance or safety of the affected vehicles.

Temporary Suspension of Deliveries

While deliveries of the affected models are temporarily suspended, Toyota Kirloskar has assured its customers that the production of vehicles is being continued. The company has also added that new orders are still being accepted, and interested customers can still reserve their vehicles of choice. The company has stated that, to remain transparent with buyers awaiting deliveries, it will be providing detailed explanations regarding power curves.

Toyota stops deliveries of Innova Crysta, Fortuner and Hilux due to diesel engine testing problems

Additionally, for vehicles already dispatched but not yet delivered, Toyota Kirloskar plans to carefully explain the situation to customers before proceeding with registration and delivery. Toyota Motor Corporation has reaffirmed that the affected engines and vehicles meet engine performance output standards after re-verifying mass-produced products at the manufacturing plant.

Apology from Toyota

In its official statement, Toyota Kirloskar Motor has expressed sincere apologies for any inconvenience or concern caused to customers and stakeholders due to this irregularity. Toyota Motor Corporation has stated that it has acknowledged the gravity of the situation. Additionally, the company has stated that as a responsible party for transferring the diesel engine business, Toyota has committed to provide support for TICO’s engine business. The incident may lead to a restructuring of the company, added Toyota in its official statement.