Toyota Land Cruiser Pulls Out A Truck Stuck In Sand: Video

Land Cruiser rescues truck

Modification is an art, and we know that there are many people who have different opinions about it. While modifications of any sort are considered completely illegal in India, there is a decent number of car owners who customize their vehicles to their liking. We have come across several instances where SUVs that were modified for off-road purposes have been used for recoveries. One such video from Kerala has surfaced online, showing a Toyota Land Cruiser 100 series SUV pulling a truck stuck in sand.


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The video was shared by Muhammed Shamnad on his Instagram page. It shows a Toyota Land Cruiser SUV in front of a loaded truck. According to reports online, the truck was loaded with vitrified tiles, an extremely heavy load, and it appears the truck was parked on loose soil, causing the wheels to sink in.

When the driver finally tried to drive the truck out, he realized the trouble he had gotten into. As seen in the video, it looks like the local police had reached the spot to control the traffic. The Toyota Land Cruiser was tied in front of the truck, and the driver started pulling the truck. Initially, the truck didn’t move, as it was firmly stuck in the soil.

The truck was so heavily loaded that the rope used to pull it actually snapped. After several attempts, the Toyota Land Cruiser finally managed to pull the truck out. Traffic was blocked from both sides, as the truck was parked in an alley right before joining the road.

The Toyota Land Cruiser seen here has aftermarket alloy wheels and off-road spec tires. Other than that, we do not see many modifications on the SUV.

Toyota Land Cruiser Pulls Out A Truck Stuck In Sand: Video
Land Cruiser rescues truck

We even see the police officers smiling after they saw the Land Cruiser pull out the truck. The comment section of this video is also filled with comments praising the capabilities of the SUV. One user wrote, “Don’t celebrate, Cops took note of the car and now they will issue a challan for modifications.” Another user wrote, “The feeling that you have after this is just lit… nothing can ever reach that peak.”

They are actually referring to instances where the police have sought help from off-roaders from Kerala in the past for rescue missions during floods and other disasters. After the rescue, the MVD had fined some of these vehicles for illegal modifications.

The Toyota Land Cruiser is an extremely popular SUV around the globe. This Japanese SUV is known for its reliability and off-road capabilities. The SUV seen here is not even modified. All we see here are alloy wheels and off-road tires. It also has a working snorkel. We do not see any kind of lift kits or flashy lights on the car.

It is powered by a 4.7-liter V8 petrol engine that generates 228 PS and 410 Nm of peak torque. It is a proper 4×4 SUV with a low ratio transfer case with center differential locks. People are free to modify their vehicles; the only catch is that they should not drive these cars on public roads. They can use these vehicles on private properties or tracks, and they should be transported in a special vehicle to the venue and not driven.