Toyota launches virtual showroom to enhance digital buying experience

Because of the pandemic last year, the dealerships were closed and every manufacturer launched some kind of platform for the customers through which they can book and complete the procedure of buying a car online. Now, Toyota has further enhanced the buying experience by launching a new initiative called ‘Virtual Showroom’. This has been done to provide a better buying experience to the customers who cannot come to the dealership for some reason.

The customers do not need to download any application from the app store. They just need to simply visit a website. The URL of the website is ““. It is accessible through any device so you can use your laptop, mobile phone, tablet or computer.

The website already has an integrated payment gateway so the customers can make payments. Moreover, Toyota will also be adding services of finance options, offers, loan applications and others too. You can see all the Toyota vehicles that are currently on sale.

Toyota launches virtual showroom to enhance digital buying experience

The customers would be able to get a 360-degree external as well as internal view of the vehicles, open and close the doors, variant wise prices and the features that the vehicle offers. All the Toyota dealers are already integrated into the platform. The customers would also be able to connect with the dealerships via WhatsApp. They can communicate for sales enquiry, vehicle breakdown services, booking service appointments and vehicle exchanges.

V. Wiseline Sigamani, Associate General Manager, Sales and Strategic Marketing, TKM, said, “Owing to the pandemic and growing access to technologies, customers increasingly prefer digital and contactless experience. Last year, as COVID-19 disrupted the purchase lifecycle, we took immediate steps to digitalise our sales process by making available pricing, offers and booking in the online realm. The virtual showroom further simplifies all the elements of car buying by digitising and integrating the key touchpoints in a customer’s purchase cycle as a one-stop-shop solution. The core idea behind the virtual showroom is to empower our customers to access our world-class cars from wherever they want to. Moving forward, we will continue to listen to our customers keenly and introduce new solutions and tools leveraging digital technologies to further improve their buying experience.”

Toyota launches virtual showroom to enhance digital buying experience

The website is pretty simple to use so that people do not face any issues or complications. The customer just needs to open the website and click on “Step Inside”.  The person can quickly move to Cars, MPV, SUV and Hybrid or he can take a 360-degree view as if he was standing in the showroom where all the vehicles are parked.

He can click on the vehicle which brings the starting price and highlights of the vehicle. Then he can take a 360-degree tour of the vehicle itself.  He can change the colour, variant, background, turn on or off the headlamps, open/close the doors and even hop into the interior. The same facilities are available for the interior too. The customer can also book a test drive or book the vehicle itself from this page.