Toyota makes ABS, EBD and airbags standard across whole range

Toyota India has always paid attention to safety when it came to their vehicles. Keeping in line with that, the company has become one of the first mass market companies to equip their whole model line up with key safety features like ABS, EBD and airbags.

Previously, Toyota had revealed that airbags will be made standard across the whole range. With the recent update of the Etios Liva and Etios sedan, ABS and EBD have also been made standard even on base trims. This now means that every variant of every model that Toyota sells in India has a basic safety kit on offer which is really nice according to us.


Over the past few months, a lot of manufacturers have been facing the heat due to the Global NCAP results declaring that their vehicles are not safe and that they aren’t offering enough safety features on their cars. Post this, even Maruti has reacted and is offering driver’s side airbags as an option on all their vehicles.

In addition, the bigger cars have dual airbags on offer as well as a part of their safety kit (o) models. VW also also started offering dual airbags as standard across the range ever since the Polo without airbags got 0 stars in the tests conducted by Global NCAP.

Safety is soon becoming an important criteria for car manufacturers, something which was never considered important previously. Come 2017, we will have new crash test regulations which means we will be getting safer cars on the whole.

The Government is working on a proposal to make airbags, ABS and rear parking sensors standard on all cars in the coming few years to make sure that everyone is benefited.

While airbags are passive safety elements that help you once the crash has occurred, features like ABS and EBD are active features that are designed in such a way that they prevent the crash from happening. ABS prevents the wheels from locking so that you have directional control under heavy braking. This means that even under heavy braking, you can steer and avoid an obstacle if needed.