Toyota may launch Rush or CH-R in India soon: Toyota India MD

Toyota has a dominance when it comes to the SUV segment in India. The high sale of Fortuner and absence of any other affordable model in the Indian market is a hole in their product line-up that they are planning to fix soon. The Japanese giant plans to bring in a new SUV that is priced between Rs. 10 – 15 lakh in the Indian market.

Toyota may launch Rush or CH-R in India soon: Toyota India MD

Until recently, there were reports saying that the company may launch the Rush or the CH-R in India. Toyota Kirloskar India MD Tachibana told TOI that they are considering both the models but looking for the one that will be more suitable for the Indian market. He has also said that Toyota has no plans to develop an India-specific car and develop it right from the level zero.

The new SUV would be priced between Rs. 10-15 lakh, that will be substantially cheaper than the Toyota Fortuner, which is currently the most affordable SUV from the brand in India. This will attract a lot of customers to the Japanese brand.

In all likeliness, the Toyota Rush could be the product that will be launched in the Indian market in coming time. Toyota recently updated the model thoroughly and it is already on sale in the Indonesian market. Rush has been considered for the Indian market for a few years now and finally, it may officially land in one of the largest growing automotive markets in the world.

Toyota may launch Rush or CH-R in India soon: Toyota India MD

The Rush fits the bill and looks inspired by the Toyota Fortuner. The brute looks with modern interiors will be a good package for the Indian roads. Toyota Rush offers a seating for 7 people, which is something that big Indian families prefer. It also gets a long list of features like 6-airbags, ABS, hill start, LED headlamps, automatic climate control, 7-inch touchscreen and more.

At the moment, Toyota is working to launch its new sedan called the Yaris in the Indian market. We may see the launch of Rush in late 2018 or early 2019.


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