This ‘Rolls Royce’ is actually a Toyota MPV: Like what you’re seeing?

We have featured many cars that are tastefully modified in India. Some of the examples were from other part of world too. Modifying a car is now a very common practice and people do it to improve various things in a car. A person might modify his or her car improve the exterior look and even improve the quality of the interiors too. Some go for performance updates whereas some are just rice mods. People modify their vehicles to match their personal preference and to make it stand out in the crowd. Here we have one such modified Toyota Alphard luxury MPV which is modified to look like a Rolls Royce.

The car has been modified by Japanese custom house Veilside who are well known in the automotive circle for their work. One of the famous car that Veilside has build in the past is a Mazda RX-7 which was used in Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift movie. The car was driven by character named Han in the movie. The Veilside has now come up with a modified Toyota Alphard that gets a custom body kit that make it look like a Rolls Royce from the front.

The kit is called Dominator and for good reasons. The kit just elevates the front look of the MPV and gives it ample road presence on the road. The kit is installed on a first generation Toyota Alphard MPV. The front of the car has been completely changed after the new kit is installed. The front look of the car is heavily inspired by a Rolls Royce and is a mix of Cullinan SUV and Phantom.

The grille is identical to the one seen in a Rolls Royce and above that instead of Rolls Royce logo, Veilside has put up their initials ‘V and S’. The rear bumper of the car has also been modified and it now gets chrome exhaust tip design in it. The alloy wheels have also been updated and they now get a low profile tyre. It is not known whether any modification are made to the interior of the car or not.

The Alphard is not sold in India but Toyota had recently launched the more sportier and luxurious Vellfire MPV in our market. It competes with cars like Mercedes-Benz V-Class in the segment. The modified Alphard looks neat and does remind of Rolls Royce from the front.

Source: AutoBuzz

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