Lion in a Toyota pick up truck: Well, this is what it’s like [Video]

Keeping wild animals as a pet is one of the biggest trends among the riches in Arab countries. Hassan Hussein from Karachi, Pakistan has kept a wild lion as a pet and the animal moves around with him all around in his Toyota Hilux pick-up truck.

Lion in a Hilux

According to Hassan, the lion was born in his farmland and the mother was unable to feed it so he decided to adopt the lion and keep it as a pet. He got the cub when it was only 2 weeks old and now it is 26 months old and has become a full grown animal. Hassan can be seen moving around with the pet lion, which he has named as Simba in his Toyota Hilux pick-up truck.

Hassan can be seen directing the lion to get in the rear seat of the double cab Toyota Hilux. The video footage from Barcroft Animals also shows the person driving around the town with the lion in the back seat. Simba, the lion seems very intrigued by the surroundings and keeps its eyes on the outside. According to the owner, Simba is a very friendly pet and listens to all the instructions. He also mentions that the lion can be tamed very easily.

Lion in a Toyota pick up truck: Well, this is what it’s like [Video]

According to the owner of the lion, the lion eats around 5kg of meat every day. When asked about the reactions from the public, Hassan answered that everyone gets surprised after noticing the lion and most of the onlookers want to get a picture of the lion and many click selfie pictures with the wild animal too. The lion stays with the owner all the time and is kept on a leash whenever it goes out.

The fashion of keeping wild tigers and lions is quite common among the elites in the Arab countries. There are many videos of tigers moving around in luxury vehicles from the middle-eastern nations but it is quite uncommon and unheard of in the Indian sub-continent.

However, such pet wild animals can be unpredictable at times. There have been many incidents in the past where the owners of pet wild animals have been attacked. The most recent incident happened last month in Czheckoslavia where a man was mauled by a pet lion which he raised since a cub. Many such incidents have been reported from across the world. Wild animals are quite different in nature when compared to domesticated animals like dogs.

Nonetheless, it is interesting to watch the wild lion going around the town in a Toyota Hilux. The Hilux pick-up truck is not officially available in the Indian market but it is one of the most popular pick-up trucks in the world. The Hilux and the Toyota Fortuner share the same underpinnings.